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Website Design Examples For Custom Manufacturers

Website Design Examples For Custom Manufacturers
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Every now and then, we encounter a The website that shares us and keeps us browsing the pages. Whether it’s color and branding, functionality or content value, every website has the power to grab attention and, when done right – convert website visitors into customers.

Here are our favorite custom builder website examples to inspire your redesign. Each website is unique, generates quality leads, and captures the essence of a manufacturer’s products and services.

Examples of custom manufacturer website design that help in attracting leads

1. E-Fab

E-Fab started as a paint shop and quickly developed into a drilling company. Navigating the E-Fab homepage gives buyers the ability to more accurately find the right products they need – both through materials, products, capabilities and more.

Buyers have already gone 73% of the way through the industrial procurement process before they contact the supplier and conduct their research anonymously online. The E-Fab website is designed to attract these buyers and they can browse through E-Fab’s resources for the jobs they need to do.

2. Tube-Co Inc.

Tube company is a family-driven company that produces high quality, manufactured tubing products with a competitive advantage. While the website has all the components needed to generate leads, it also has a webpage in navigation dedicated to growing its employee base as well.

according to recent industrial survey, 69% of companies across the manufacturing and manufacturing sectors are likely to return manufacturing and supply production to North America. Manufacturing, in particular, is poised for local growth, and it’s great to see companies like Tube-Co taking a proactive approach to attracting an online workforce.

Possibility of re-supply due to the outbreak of the Corona virus

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Example of Tube Co Custom Manufacturer's website

4. Warren Paints & Colors Co.

Warren Provides more than just synthetic paint and coatings; They cover all special needs and their website leaves no doubt for buyers about how to solve problems.

Aesthetically, the design of the site directs the visitors according to their needs, industry or problem. For example, when purchasing managers visit the site knowing what parts are necessary to manufacture the steel projects they need, they can easily purchase a protective raw material due to Waren’s online catalog of products.

💡 Thomas Fact: A study by Forrester found that 77% of B2B buyers consider the availability of real-time data at the inventory level to be “important” or “very important” to their buying experience. See more statistics on the search habits of industrial buyers here.

Engineers and procurement professionals have hundreds of jobs to be done every day. If they can’t find what they need on your website, they will most likely head to a competitor’s site. Learn more about creating a useful online catalog to win more repeat customers with it Thomas Navigator.

Example on Warren Paint website

5. Gary Manufacturing

Manufacturing certifications help win new business and Gary Manufacturing website It is a great example that takes advantage of it. Gary’s homepage instantly lets buyers know what quality standards they meet Using color and design that matches their brand. We love that they have referred to as a “Women in Manufacturing” company, too.

Just like the quality certificates, a Supplier Diversity Certificate Such a woman-owned business is important to today’s buyers. It lets them know you meet their standards and depicts the value of trust. Some buyers only work with suppliers that meet diversity criteria.

Example of a Gary Manufacturing website

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“Thomas simply offers the purest industry audience on the Internet and has really helped us connect with new customers in new industries,” said Pete Elzer, President of Apex Plastics.

Review your custom manufacturing site

Your presence Website redesign by industrial marketing experts Make sure not to miss any opportunity so that you will receive more RFQs from quality buyers that you want to deal with. In today’s increasingly digital world, a strong online presence with digital marketing is the most scalable, measurable and effective channel to increase sales. Most manufacturing components and services can be complex – and additional online materials help with any problems or confusion potential customers may encounter.

according to In a study by Accenture, 85% of B2B buyers surveyed listed supplier websites as the most popular channel for conducting online research, but buyers are not satisfied with the level of information provided – only 37% of those looking for Supplier site He said it was the most useful channel.

The same study found that 69% of B2B buyers abandon their cart for many reasons related to Online experience:

  • 35 percent abandoned their shopping carts because the site page did not load properly
  • 26 percent abandoned their carts because it took too long to check out
  • 22 percent abandoned their carts because the checkout process was too confusing

Set your conversion rates and incorporate value-added features into your websites to simplify the online buying experience such as high-quality graphics, equipment used, and certification list. Not sure how to get started? Contact us for digital health check To find out how you can improve your website and ensure that it works as a lead generation machine.

“Thomas saw our blind spots we didn’t know existed and provided them with data and technology to help us boost our sales and marketing efforts,” said Brad Goodwin, CEO of E2Global. “The generated leads are qualified and real.”

The team at Thomas proposed tactics and strategies across the digital space to complement their growth and continue engaging more potential customers in their target market.

“Partnering with Thomas means that someone is always on our side. It is not difficult to sell our identity to buyers because of our marketing efforts with Thomas. It is as if Thomas is selling to buyers and informing them about our business on our behalf.”

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for us Free digital health check up We will review checkpoints to improve your website and increase potential customers. Our marketing experts are backed by certified engineers and have connected B2B buyers and suppliers for over 122 years.

“With Thomas leading our lead generation and marketing efforts, our sales increased 60% in just one year,” said Bob Ryan of CJ Winter. “Thomas maximized our company exposure, generated a record number of qualified leads, and helped us convert those opportunities directly into sales dollars.”

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