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The Only Digital Agency That Has Thrived in Malibu for Over 22 Years

The Only Digital Agency That Has Thrived in Malibu for Over 22 Years
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Malibu, California.And August 11, 2021 /PRNewswire/ – An award-winning full-service digital agency, Vivid Candi (, has made its mark as an industry leader and is now the only agency that has thrived in the respected world Malibu, California over the past two decades. Challenges arising from personal adversity, determination and passion are what drive the company to continue to evolve.

Adversity is the rocket fuel for your dreams if you consciously recognize it and use it. – Chris WisnerCEO and Founder

Every two weeks, tens of thousands of people collect their paycheck from Taco Bell. 16 years Chris Wisner One of them was. In 1999, the young entrepreneur took first place 600 dollars paycheck and founded Vivid Candi, an advertising agency dedicated to the latest out-of-the-box creations, in a city known for its concentration of millionaires and stars. Pepperdine University, Malibu Magazine and Paradise Cove Beach Cafe were among the first customers to enlist the help of Vivid Candi, and they’ve been a part of her journey ever since. Chris grew up in poverty, a stone’s throw away from him Malibu, the city that will become the flagship of a full-service digital marketing agency. Chris has never had a father figure, and his hard-working mother, a waitress, loses her home to bankruptcy. Chris became temporarily homeless at the age of sixteen, which did not prevent him from pursuing his dreams; On the contrary, his ordeal gave him a deep motivation to invest in his future success. His connections to the coastal city, which had held a place in his heart since childhood, furthered his ambitions to thrive as a self-made entrepreneur, CEO and founder of an advertising agency of his dreams. Always happy and positive, even in the darkest moments, Kris remains true to his origins and passionately passionate about his dreams after 22 years. His unique personality and unquestionable dedication to what he does has attracted numerous world-class clients and a cadre of equally skilled and enthusiastic individuals who have helped excel the business from an advertising agency to a full service agency with dedicated teams for digital marketing, branding, custom websites, photography and video production. Fully expandable.

One of the most influential catalysts that Vivid Candi encountered 15 years ago, when Photo of Gerardo Cardenas Join us as a full-fledged developer and designer – turned creative director and partner. Funky as it gets, Girardeau has pushed quality, level of expertise and innovation to new heights, truly setting Vivid Candi apart from any competitors at this level. A self-made immigrant, Gerardo came from a background designing and developing websites and online video games for studios and agencies on high-profile accounts such as Sony Pictures, Lionsgate, Kodak, Scarface and Mad Men. Girardeau pushed the boundaries at Vivid Candi, instilling a culture of risk-taking creativity in the company. His exceptional reliability and talent have propelled Vivid Candi to stay ahead of the curve, catering to a 360-degree range of clients’ needs. As Agency Partner and Creative Director, Girardeau is a pioneer in commitment to the latest technological advancements and encourages the team to trust their artistic instincts and bold creativity, always gaining an element of surprise for clients. Gerardo pushes human values ​​as a core principle of the company, and loves to embrace shared moments with every employee and customer.

“All we have is this moment. And in this moment we must innovate, learn, study or have fun. These are the ideas that go into great results. When people are happy with the work, the results will come out.” – Photo of Gerardo Cardenascreative director

No one suspected that a third pillar of the agency had been lost, even Anita Hoffman He joined the team nearly four years ago. Having started as Head of Sales, and quickly gained the respect and trust of high profile clients who demanded her to take the lead in account management on their brand strategy, Anita carved a path for explosive growth to emerge as the first COO of Vivid Candy at the age of 26 in a short span of time. Her first year and a half inside the company. Pushing boundaries as a leader, adept at understanding the needs of others while possessing the foresight to build and implement a strategy to achieve almost any goal, Anita’s humility despite her extensive education and knowledge makes it easy for others to communicate. This human quality, combined with an innate passion for team building, business development and customer relations, prompted Anita to define a roadmap and support Vivid Candi to reach the next stage of growth. Anita is a believer that once we remove the notion of “it can’t,” and instead choose to continually learn from our experiences and our surroundings, there are no limits to what we can achieve. Anita always wants to give back to communities locally and globally, and dedicates a large part of her life to helping and empowering women around the world. Demonstrating her leadership and vision for a better place and planet, Anita spearheaded Vivid Candi’s Corporate Giving Initiative which secured a major partnership with a non-profit organization focused on stimulating entrepreneurship among disadvantaged youth.

22 years later, Vivid Candi’s office currently overlooks the Malibu Pier on the famous Pacific Coast Highway, home to a team of less than 20 talented and thriving marketing and web ninjas in the digital world. Being a boutique agency, the team of Vivid Candi regularly handles projects and accounts with the same strength and success as the largest agencies in the country, and with an innovative and streamlined approach, aka agency secret sauce.

Vivid Candi is the largest digital agency in Malibu, California For over 22 years handling full-service marketing campaigns and custom web development for national brands, top entrepreneurs, celebrities and billionaires. Vivid Candi masters each discipline of innovative digital media with a unique approach. Founder, Chris Wisner Featured on Bravo and CBS Networks, it continues to embrace the future and drive innovation by collaborating with creative Vivid Candi community members who are driven by passion, consuming inspiration, and fueling success to not only exceed customer expectations but also to create brands that will live forever.

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