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“The name is the punchline”: Gary Vaynerchuk launches a production studio

“The name is the punchline”: Gary Vaynerchuk launches a production studio
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VaynerX, the holding company of Gary Vaynerchuk, has launched a production studio called Eva Nosidam Productions, which refers back to “Madison Ave,” the company said Monday.

In a press release, Vaynerchuk said the production studio aims to create ads that “don’t look like ads.”

“As a modern production and storytelling company, Eva Nosidam Productions will create content that people really want to see,” he said. “The name is the keyword – we truly intend to turn the industry on its head by rejecting yesterday’s Madison Avenue approach to advertising and opening up what’s happening in the culture to our customers.”

According to a press release, Eva Nosidam Productions will create mini documentaries and branded series for social media, as well as music videos, podcasts, augmented and virtual reality productions, live installations, and “guerrilla marketing” strategies for clients. The company will be based in Long Island City, New York, with fully-equipped stages, equipment and post-production capabilities.

To date, Eva Nosidam has been working with brands including Bojangles, Draft Kings and Kin Insurance on projects ranging from parodies to music videos to microdocuments.

The studio will be led by Maya Brewster-Dorian as production director at VaynerX, who will report to Vaynerchuk. Dorian Brewster said in an email that the studio will “contract and expand as needed,” and will have 30 to 300 employees at any one time.

“Throughout her career, Maya has been an amazing partner for brands,” Vaynerchuk said. “She has an incredibly diverse production background with a wide range of disciplines and sees the world of production in a completely different way.”

Dorian Brewster previously worked for Saatchi & Saatchi and J. Walter Thomspon, as well as production companies including Anonymous Content, Partizan Entertainment and RadicalMedia.

She also founded Network Réseau, a branded content production company.

“We have the advantage of being so culturally connected,” she said in an email comment. “We want to use that to create useful links with different types of content outside of the typical TV ad.”

Eva Nosidam is the latest offering at VaynerX, Vaynerchuk’s media and marketing services holding company. In addition to digital agency VaynerMedia and digital publishing group Gallery Media Group, VaynerX launched an NFT-focused agency called VaynerNFT in July.

Vaynerchuk was not available for further comment.

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