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The faces of Parkes Shire businesses: Digital media agency Outback Media | Parkes Champion-Post

The faces of Parkes Shire businesses: Digital media agency Outback Media | Parkes Champion-Post
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In the first of our new series describing faces in business in our cool neighborhood, we meet Kayla Downey of digital media agency Outback Media.

Business faces in the parks: Chloe Hering (left) and Kayla Downey (right) of Parks Outback Media's new digital media agency.  Image: supplied.

Business faces in the parks: Chloe Hering (left) and Kayla Downey (right) of Parks Outback Media’s new digital media agency. Image: supplied.

Tell us a little bit about yourself and Outback Media

We are both Parks and studied at Charles Sturt University.

After studying, we went on separate adventures and got a taste of the city lifestyle and during this time we developed our professional portfolio and worked with several brands across a range of industries.

If you could describe us as a team, it would be very simple: Kayla is the strategy behind the job, and Chloe interprets the strategy visually, creating a fascination for the business.

We are two different sides of the same coin – for our work to be great, we rely on each other’s different skill sets.

I am a digital strategist who will build a brand image across the digital space, with a love for SEO, social media and web design.

Chloe is a graphic designer, illustrator, illustrator and web designer, and her work is unique and always true to the brand.

We both came home from our agency jobs the same week in 2020, and almost felt like it was meant to happen.

Over coffee at the Bellas, Chloe and I decided we were tired of not pursuing our talents due to the lack of jobs in the country for our skill set.

During that catch-up, we decided to change that narrative.

Tell us about the company’s biggest achievement

Our biggest achievement was the support we received from our local community. Local businesses have come to us to help with their digital development.

A good example is the creation of the Parkes Meals on Wheels website.

The new site is one of the limited meal sites on Wheels that delivers online orders to customers.

This is a great step forward for community members and helps put parks on the map of digital progress.

What are the main services you provide at Outback Media?

Think of us as an extension of a business.

We offer branding, design, digital marketing, growth, SEO, video shooting and web development.

Outback Media is a full service agency that assists in business development.

What is one thing local businesses can do to improve their online presence?

We cannot stress enough the importance of a website. They advertise your business online, 24/7.

The way the world moves, everything becomes digital. Online presence is usually the customer’s first impression of your brand.

What are your future plans for remote media?

We have big plans for Outback Media, the most important of which is growth.

When Chloe and I went to college, we were delayed due to limited options to work in the country with our degrees.

We would like to change that for country students who want to work in our industry.

When you are not working, what do you do in your spare time?

If Kayla isn’t running, she’ll find her horses at the races on the weekends. When Chloe isn’t working, you’ll find her creating something with a paintbrush or spending time growing her own little hobby farm.

Do you have any ideas about what can be done to support local businesses more?

Our work! For nearly two years, companies have had to endure the devastation of COVID-19.

The shutdown has seen many storefronts shut down, and the only way to progress through this crisis has been digital growth.

It’s one thing to decide to be digital, but figuring out how to do it right is a whole new ball game. This is where Outback Media comes in.

Who is the person you are looking for in the local community?

We are looking forward to all business owners in the city. Following your passion requires strict discipline and determination. There is nothing more inspiring than having the locals try it.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start a business at Parks?

Create a service that no one else has but needs! Be the first of its kind and provide people with a solution to an ordinary problem.

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