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Shashank Jain is the Founder & CEO of and the owner of — By arrangement
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With the dream of establishing his name in the field of digital marketing, Shashank Jain was one of you when he started. The best of today’s digital marketing world, he has successfully established three different businesses within two years of opening. Although it was a journey full of hopes and exploration, Shashank’s Journey is a guide that you can use to build your journey!

shashank jainAt a very young age, he became an entrepreneur. He is currently the founder and CEO of, where he and his team are doing some excellent work and taking the brand internationally. Working as an SEO expert and professional digital marketer, his client base is never limited and reaches the pinnacle of success.

Jane with his interests

Before we begin to gauge his amazing journey and how he has inspired thousands of people, let’s take a closer look at what he is like as a person.

From our conversation with Shashank, it was quite clear that he wanted to be in the industry and found his direction in time. So, while we like to call him and his agency the future face of digital marketing, he also happens to be a tech buff.

As it was discovered, Jain was always in love with technology, so much so that he researched himself and forced himself to learn engineering in computers. During this phase of study, he read and specialized in various computer languages. An operating system including HBCD, Linux, etc.

Then comes the turn of the teacher, as he finds himself actively inclined to teach young minds about technical things and help them grow. He uses his intent wisely launched a few years ago. Needless to mention, along with the other platforms it has, has also been a huge hit.

Journey to Entrepreneurship

In 2018, Shashank Jain decided to launch with two of his employees who are currently serving as his co-workers. The company is so well built that it only took two years to take his brand globally. (Digital Marketing Agency) It is a website that serves clients all over the world The perfect packages for business related to SEO and everything digital. Also, the company currently has a strong army of 49 people and the number is increasing.

Unlike and, Shashank is the proud owner of the cricket news site – So, for all the cricket lovers who are reading this now, go to the website as it has AZ for cricket and fitness too.

For someone like Shahank who came from a middle-class family like most of us, his journey not only inspires but gives hope to become successful one day. It was all it took to use the internet wisely and now it is providing the best services to major companies all over the world.

Golden Tips for Winning in Entrepreneurship

Since we’re sharing Shashank’s story with you, you might be interested in how he achieved so much success in just a couple of years. Well, here is a list of tips Shashank would like to give you on how to become a digital marketing professional in 2021.

1. Stay informed on the state of digital marketing

To become the best digital marketer, make sure you stay on top of industry issues, helpful content, and various updates.

Maintaining a good relationship with the digital marketing industry is not difficult. There are informative podcasts on the subject widely available, websites and many content marketing institutes write detailed and well-researched articles on anything you want to know about digital marketing.

2- Connect with like-minded people

As a digital marketer, a large part of what you do is expanding online communities. Whether it’s for your brand or a global association, an active community will make or break your career.

Therefore, engaging with active digital marketing communities both online and offline can help you realize the importance of what you do and how it aligns with the image of your organization and your life.

3. Practice continuous learning

Although pedagogy can be a practical asset to any digital marketing career, learning does not have to stop upon completion of school. Training support throughout your digital marketing career can benefit you to become an outstanding digital marketer with a diverse, on-demand competency set.

If this information seems valuable to you, you can always reach out to Shashank Jain’s social media and follow him for such great tips.

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