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The Abundant Fountain of Fitness Leads: The System That Produces Leads That Show up Each Month With George Liu From Gym Pillars

The Abundant Fountain of Fitness Leads: The System That Produces Leads That Show up Each Month With George Liu From Gym Pillars
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A quality marketing agency delivers results, not just for the first few months nor just big clients – but for every client, every month. And George Liu and Jim Pillars do just that. Because of this dedication, George and Jim Pillars have succeeded in establishing themselves as the emerging force in the marketing industry.

Gym Pillars provides a steady flow of quality leads. Their system combines the understanding that everyone has drives and desires with huge investment, exceptional industry testing and daily analysis. Armed with the formula that allows gym owners to help more people and make more money, Gym Pillars puts the work to their clients every day.

Invest in courses, training and their clients

Prior to founding Gym Pillars, George invested heavily in courses and training programs to complement his specialization in health marketing and self-designed entrepreneurship. Once he created Gym Pillars, George also took his desire to take it to the next level by working in some of the gyms he marketed. By doing so, he learned first-hand the struggles and needs of the people he chose to serve.

This combination of gym experience, education, and investment in post-college courses laid the foundations for Gym Pillar’s exceptional marketing system.

With these investments, Gym Pillars have perfected the art of channeling the motivation of people wanting to get in shape and feel better about themselves in direct action. This means that life has changed and the money that is paid to the owner of the gym.

Because of George’s investments in a comprehensive gym pole strategy, the company has gained an exceptional ability to connect with gym owners. Not only as a marketing agency, but Gym Pillars choose to become the most trusted business marketing partner with a full team supporting the single business owner who often owns gyms.

A test for success… then a test again

Gym Pillars exceed industry standards in spending time and money testing their ads. This is what sets them apart from their competitors.

Unlike other marketing agencies, Gym Pillars tests their ads to see results. They make sure that their offerings, transcripts, and channels work together to speak to the motivations of their goals and desires.

This investment in testing is one of the reasons the Gym Pillars System is an uninterrupted fountain of quality threads — not unclosed deals.

If an ad or strategy doesn’t produce high-quality leads, George and Gym Pillars will return to the drawing board to create a new strategy that actually generates high-quality leads. And unlike other agencies, they don’t “steal and cut” a business ad from a competitor. All of their ads are based on tests and research.

George built this extensive testing process because it forces him and the Gym Pillars team to work hard for their clients. Combined with its own “pay to close” system, if potential clients don’t take advantage of the gym owner, he won’t make any money. This sense of accountability ensures the fountain of quality leads to a continuous flow. The extensive testing is a testament to George’s desire to help gym owners thrive.

Continuous analysis of existing ads

George and the Gym Pillars team analyze their ads every day. Not once a week, and not just when a customer complains. They go through each ad’s numbers daily to make sure they’re performing.

This ongoing analysis keeps Gym Pillars’ advertising performance at its peak.

If an ad is working but not thriving, George will direct his team to determine where the ad is weak. They will take the time to test the best possible solution.

Gym Pillars puts time into every ad for every customer – no matter their size. Unlike other marketing agencies that may allow small clients to fail, Gym Pillars puts their best effort into every client.

All of these meticulous efforts are due to George’s commitment to gym owners and their mission to help people improve their lives. This is what matters. Therefore, the ads must be perfect. And Gym Pillars checks every ad, every day, to make sure it is.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Gym Pillars’ lead fountain, you can visit their website or join George’s Facebook Group for free advice and training.

Posted on January 6, 2022

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