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Teen, parents returning to court in Michigan school shooting

Teen, parents returning to court in Michigan school shooting
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Parents charged with their son in a fatal school shooting in Michigan are back in court to demand lower bail to get out of prison.

James and Jennifer Curmbley have been in custody since December 4, unable to honor a $500,000 bond. They hope the judge will be prepared to reduce it Friday to $100,000.

The Curmbley family has been charged with manslaughter for the November 30 shootings at Oxford High School, which killed four teenagers and injured others. They are accused of making a gun within reach of Ethan Curmbley’s son and refusing to take it home earlier that day when school counselors confronted them with painful drawings of violence.

James and Jennifer Crumble appear in court on December 14, 2021, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, in the Oxford High School shooting case.Bill Bogliano / Getty Images

“The last thing they expected was a school shooting, or their son being responsible,” defense attorneys Shannon Smith and Marielle Lehman said in the court note.

Separately, Ethan, 15, appeared in court almost Friday morning as he waived his right to a preliminary exam. The judge automatically obliged him to appear before a circuit court for trial. No date has yet been set. He is accused as an adult of murder and other crimes.

Plaintiffs oppose the parents’ request for lower bail. They noted that the elder Crumbleys had been missing for hours when the charges were announced on December 3 before police found them miles away in an art studio in Detroit early the next morning.

Smith said they planned to appear in court on December 4.

Prosecutors said in a court filing that the Crombley family “would run away if they had the opportunity,” citing late mortgage payments and offering their home for sale.

Oxford High School students are expected to return next week for the first time since the shooting, but in a different building. The high school, about 30 miles north of Detroit, may reopen during the week of January 23.

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