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Taco Bell Names Cashmere as its First-Ever Culture Agency of Record

Taco Bell Names Cashmere as its First-Ever Culture Agency of Record
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The lifestyle marketing agency Cashmere has been named Taco Bell Culture Recording Agency, the first of its kind for the brand. The Los Angeles agency will use its social media strategies, creative and digital trends, and experiential and influencer marketing to drive Taco Bell’s cultural strategy.

The fast-food chain has a history of pioneering culture, with its movie-trailer-like ads for Nacho Fries, its colorful hotel, and even using the moon as a beacon for a free taco, and now Kashmir is looking to take it to the next level.

“Cashmere was our clear first choice to help develop our brand as culture and social priorities continued to advance,” Mark King, CEO of Taco Bell, in a statement. “There is no agency more well-equipped to build authentic relationships with diverse, multi-ethnic audiences, and we feel proud to capitalize on their superpowers.”

The agency hopes to help Taco Bell reach new customers through social differences and cultural diversity. Cashmere has helped many brands, including Google, Instagram, Facebook, BMW, Danone, Amazon, Hulu, Disney, and others with their creative strategies.

“Taco Bell is one of the most innovative and globally innovative express service brands of our time whose outstanding commitment to culture pushes boundaries,” Ted Chung, founder and chairman of the Kashmir Company, in a statement. “We are philosophically consistent in our belief that when there is greater harmony between communities and brands, progress can be fully achieved. It is a dream to unite and recharge our capabilities.”

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