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Chicago–(work wire) –, one of the largest online freight forwarding retailers in the United States, chose Pietryla PR & Marketing after extensive research in public relations and marketing.

“After meeting with Kristen several times and reviewing her team’s capabilities, we were excited to move forward,” said Gray King, CEO of “It hasn’t been a month yet and we have already had some great results. We are looking forward to continuing this trend into 2022.”

“It’s not difficult to get the word out to customers with a great story. Pietryla PR President and Owner Kristen Wetzler explains, especially as people look for ways to save money and keep clothes out of landfills.” Swap not only offers high-quality consignment items, but a special modular item addition system It makes it easier to list unique items for resale in larger volumes than traditional peer-to-peer markets – so we have more than one good story to tell in a variety of markets. ”

As Swap’s competitors struggle to sell, supply, and process the volume of inventory needed to meet customer demand internally, the company’s model simplifies the value chain and will handle millions of units over the next few years. These are the items that will find new life outside the landfill. Moreover, this model invites retailers and manufacturers to jump into the circular economy and achieve online sales quickly.

About, recently recognized by the Internet Retailer as one of the top 100 innovative e-sellers in the industry, is the largest consignment shop and online store with nearly 2 million unique items. The company strives to redefine freight services by making the process of buying and selling pre-owned merchandise more convenient, safe and profitable. Prevent wastage By keeping pre-owned clothing and accessories from ending up in landfills, shoppers can feel good about the purchases they make on Offering clothing for infants, children, women, and men, is a one-stop shop that the whole family can enjoy. The service was launched in 2012.

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