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Stratosphere has been Acquired by Global Marketing Resources (GMR) to Strengthen its Position in the Insurance Marketing Industry

Stratosphere has been Acquired by Global Marketing Resources (GMR) to Strengthen its Position in the Insurance Marketing Industry
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Irvine, California.: Stratosphere, a prominent online insurance marketing technology company, is pleased to announce its acquisition by GMR, owner of the leading digital healthcare marketing technology agency GMR Web Team. The company focuses on helping healthcare practices increase patient acquisition, retention, and recovery. Stratosphere is dedicated to giving customers a comprehensive online marketing experience, including improving brand recognition, creating a new website, increasing website traffic, and more. The acquisition gives Stratosphere access to GMR’s vital marketing automation technologies for strategic growth.

Founded by Ajay Prasad GMR Web Team Established in 2004 to help patient focused healthcare providers increase and improve their market share. Since then, the company has provided small and medium-sized healthcare companies with the digital resources needed to compete with larger organizations. With over 1,500 satisfied clients, GMR Web Team is among the leading digital healthcare marketing agencies in the United States. It specializes in marketing automation tools, such as website builder, reputation management apps, customer engagement and management, and more.

Casey Preston, CEO of Stratosphere, said on the occasion, “I am grateful to Ajayi and his team at GMR for recognizing our work and demonstrating confidence in our team. We believe that our experience in the insurance industry combined with GMR’s proficiency in digital marketing will open up many business opportunities, which will be beneficial very much for our customers and employees.”

Stratosphere is a prominent leader in the insurance digital marketing industry and has developed vital skills, expertise and contacts to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Ajay Prasad, founder of GMR, said on the occasion, “I am pleased to announce its acquisition of Stratosphere, an organization that shares the same professional attitude and ethics towards its clients as our agency. We appreciate how Stratosphere has helped their clients grow and enhance their online presence. He also added, “We aim to give the stratosphere access to our marketing resources and increase our joint presence in the digital marketing space.”

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stratosphere is a leading insurance digital marketing technology company dedicated to providing insurance clients with a personalized online marketing experience. The company is committed to providing customized marketing strategies, developing or revamping websites, and improving brand recognition for insurance providers. The company offers state-of-the-art digital marketing services, including SEO, content development, web design, reputation management, and more, to help its clients achieve their desired online and branding goals.

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