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Report – Eminem Spends Over $400,000 on Bored Ape NTF

Report - Eminem Spends Over $400,000 on Bored Ape NTF
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NFTs, also known as non-fungible tokens, are the latest revolution in the digital space and changing the way art is bought, sold and valued on the Internet. And Eminem seems really interested in her.

According to a Hypebeast report, published on Sunday (January 2), Em purchased a Bored Ape NFT car, dubbed “EminApe,” for $425,000. The NFT, which supposedly resembles the Detroit Rimmer in its olive-colored military hat and gold dookie rope chain, was sold by BAYC member GeeGazza for 123.45 ETh ($425,000) last Thursday night (December 30).

This was a dream come true for GeeGazza who showed that Slim Shady will buy his digital art again in November on his Twitter account. He wrote, “I still think Eminem is destined to buy BoredApeYC one day.”

On December 31, the day after Em’s purchase of NFT, GeeGazza took to Twitter to show his appreciation for having him as a buyer. “I live in a simulator. Thank you Eminem for buying my monkey and joining the club! Madness. Let me write a lyric for your next song,” he tweeted with a laughing emoji.

GeeGazza later tweeted his gratitude to Eminem for his purchase of NFT and how it will benefit his dedicated fans.

Sounds stupid. Sounds ridiculous. Sounds obsessive or weak or any number of words. But to sell the monkey that gets Eminem at BoredApeYC, the monkey he uses to his millions of followers on social media…Oh man, damn it. Mad. He’s been showing it for months It is surreal,” he wrote.

The digital agency Six helped sell Bored Ape NFT. The company that has previously worked with other clients in the NFT world including Wu-Tang Clan and Tycho.

Giorgio Constantino, the artist, tweeted: “Guess the cats are out of the bag… @BoredApeYC, please welcome Eminem to the metaverse! Director of Six Agency.

This isn’t Eminem’s first foray into the NFTs. The 48-year-old rapper has started offering exclusive collectibles to fans through the NFT Nifty Gateway Market. Last April, Em held a “Shady Con” auction, selling a collection of NFT action figures chronicling key moments in his career. Also, Eminem reportedly owns 15 NFTs on OpenSea under the name Shady Holdings.

XXL A representative of Eminem has reached out for comment.

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