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People peeling raw eggs has become a viral trend on TikTok

People peeling raw eggs has become a viral trend on TikTok
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Move over ASMR, take charge of peeling eggs.

Professional social media users and content creators test their ingenuity and patience by peeling raw eggs. Unlike its hard-boiled counterpart, the Eggshell Challenge requires precise tools and hours of work to separate the eggshell from its membrane.

The painstaking process has been documented on popular video-sharing and live-streaming sites, including TikTok, YouTube, and Twitch.

Many of the eggshell competitors who left their profiles open for public viewing received thousands or millions of views per video.

Toothpicks, cuticle pushers, tweezers, and metal impurity extractors are the common tools used to separate the brittle shell and membrane. Some competitors succeed with a completely unpeeled egg membrane that is pale yellow in color while others fail to penetrate the egg white or yolk.

Videos are often accompanied by music or narration as competitors taper off piece by piece. Challenge participants and viewers described the activity as ‘oddly satisfying’, ‘relaxing’ or ‘fun’.

peeling raw eggs
Doctors and dentists have been practicing peeling raw eggs to hone their surgical skills, but the practice has gained mainstream traction on TikTok.
thomas.salwasser / TikTok

Doctors and dentists have long practiced egg peeling as a way to improve their surgical skills, but in the past couple of years people not in the medical field have been testing it themselves. The trend appears to have reached the mainstream on TikTok – the app where food trends are thriving.

Kelsey Wakeman, Senior Internet Culture Correspondent at Yahoo! “There was a period of time when TikTokers was replaying old footage of a man wrapping rubber bands around a watermelon until it splits in half. I think we’re drawn to the tension and see if people can take things out with big risks. I also know that this attracts a strong live audience, and from Much easier to make money from a video when it’s live than when it’s just a typical TikTok post.”

As of Thursday evening, the hashtag #EggPeelChallenge had over 14.9 million views linked to it on TikTok. Creators who have had huge hits with their eggshell videos include Thomas Salwasser, Seneo of the Sea, and Dennis Prue.

A person who peels a raw egg
The #eggpeel challenge has 14.9 million views on TikTok.
itxhurts2know / TikTok

The hashtag also includes several other user-generated videos of people trying to understand why peeling eggs is a trend or what happens to the egg once the peeling is complete.

Peeling eggs has spread to various social media platforms. Livestreamer and content creator Ludwig Ahgren made a 12-minute video about his attempts to peel eggs on YouTube. The activity was discussed on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Reddit as well.

The viral egg peeling trend follows a list of other weird and pathological internet trends, including ASMR (Sensory Independent Meridian Response) – a broadcast focused on audio that stimulates a tingling sensation in the scalp; mukbang – audiovisual broadcast where people eat and interact with fans; And CleanTok – TikTok videos are a hit where people clean dirty homes and surfaces.

Baruch Labonsky, CEO of Rank Secure — a digital analytics company — previously told Fox News Digital that media consumers are drawn to gross content.

“They don’t expect polished, written content. They want to see regular people tackle the usual chores. Bonus points for kids and pets who interrupt… just like in real life,” Labonsky said. If you allow your authentic self to shine through, customers will feel a real connection.”


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