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Pay It Now (PIN) token launches PIN Data to enterprises

Pay It Now (PIN) token launches PIN Data to enterprises
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Pay It Now (PIN) code today launched its endeavors in data storage and protection, using its own PIN data proposition derived from Layer 2 technology. To allow data sharing.

The introduction of PIN data fuels the growth of the PIN product suite, with a storage system that provides hashed data that can be associated with an individual – without compromising privacy. The $PIN ecosystem is looking to enhance existing technology in the areas of transaction processing, rewards and data warehousing, by creating PIN payments, PIN rewards and PIN data offers respectively.

Does the PIN data add another use case to the PIN?

The team behind $PIN set up their booth in an effort to base the project on utility, with the creation of the PIN data. The current cybercrime landscape sees DHBs within New Zealand suffer from ransomware attacks that are causing huge security and extortion issues.

These issues appear to be global with a slew of recent examples including the NHS in the UK and the WannaCry disaster, causing over £92m in losses in canceled patient appointments alone. No solution has been found within traditional computing networks outside of complex SD-WAN setups, which require huge expenditures and infrastructure changes.

PIN Data is looking to address these issues at source using Layer 2 technology and blockchain. Companies, health care providers, or even health boards and services can store all of their dealings, without risking the privacy of the company, the individual, or the patients. The use of bespoke cybersecurity companies in the traditional sense usually results in significant expenditures and contract periods, while PIN data can provide a solution to store daily transaction data – based on the entities’ needs.

PIN display growth

The recently launched PIN code is looking to prove its usefulness and a wider customer base. The PIN data sees the available products roll over to four, with a cryptographic option for PIN reflections also available for projects on the blockchain. Creating and developing products that businesses and projects can use on a daily basis, thus increasing volume on USD pin through retailer or websites, is one of the core principles of offering.

Establishment of facilities first, and a proven sales team to deliver this benefit to businesses and projects has been at the forefront of PIN business development plans – with notable successes in these areas within a month of launch. The sales team now has a detailed offer that helps eliminate a variety of problems in the space.

Next Steps for Marketing and PIN Development

The project has great ambitions to become a leader not only in the smart binance chain, but also in the vertical cryptocurrency space as a whole. January sees Team PIN embark on the AMA Tour, bringing the project to the eyes of new investors. The team will work to increase the number of holders, with requests to CMC and CG to follow suit.

Pay It Now will also undergo a website update with the addition of additional content pages, designed to help target B2B and B2C elements of the show. Both the white paper and the roadmap will undergo an overhaul to define the substantive plans for the project over the next few months. Major focus will be placed on digital marketing and external sales.

Powered by Coinpresso, the digital strategy will begin with crypto SEO and content marketing, with more exchange listings in the works to increase Pay It Now’s reach, and therefore volume. It looks like January is going to be a big month in PIN growth, as owners and potential new businesses begin to get a sense of what this ecosystem is all about.




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