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Pamplin Media Group – Microchip reunites Ella Bella, owner four years later

COURTESY PHOTO: RAY PITZ - Ella Bella is back home following four years in a unknown location.
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Ella Bella disappeared in 2017 while the family moved from Canby to Portland. Fortunately, it was fitted with an electronic chip.

A former family in Canby received an early Christmas present when they were reunited with their cat, four years after it was originally lost — all thanks to a microchip placed in the animal years ago.

The Sherwood Cat Adoption Team, also known as CAT, reported that the cat, Ella Bella, originally came for a spay appointment in 2017 when she was still a cat.

“It had my CAT fixed, and one of the things you could do was add a microchip to the appointment,” owner Nicole Holland, now based in Portland, told representatives of the largest cat sanctuary in the Pacific Northwest.

In a CAT press release, Holland told the organization that Ella Bella was a “scary cat.” As the family was preparing to move, towards the end of 2017, the pressure was heavy on Ella Bella, who ran away from home.

Even after moving, although the family regularly returns to look for her – even trying to catch her using human traps – she is never found.

“It was hard to give up on the search, but at some point, we were just hoping someone would take it,” Holland said, adding, “Ella Bella was sitting on my daughter’s lap, even though she wouldn’t do it to anyone else. They had a bond. Special “.

The cat was located outside of Kanbei in early December by a local cat rescue group, Miao Village.

When Ella Bella was examined, it was discovered that her chip information was outdated. However, volunteers were able to determine that CAT was the agency that placed the chip in the cats.Image Courtesy: Ray Beetz - Nicole Holland pays homage to Ella Bella, four years after the cats disappeared.  A microchip installed by the Sherwoods Cat adoption team helped reunite the two.

CAT then discovered its owners by searching ancient records. They called Holland, who was reunited with Ella Bella.

“It’s a Christmas miracle,” Holland said. “The past few years have been very difficult, and finding her now is great timing.”

CAT reminds those looking for a lost pet to try Petco Love Lost, which has a national database of 100,000 lost pets.

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