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Pakistani Women-Led Digital Marketing Agency Wins Awards Internationally

Pakistani Women-Led Digital Marketing Agency Wins Awards Internationally
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SquarePeg has won the International Clutch Award twice for being the Best B2B Company in Pakistan as well as the LUX Global Hospitality Award in South Asia!

SquarePeg is not just a marketing agency – we see ourselves as a women-led project with quality as its primary differentiating factor.”

— Maliha Safiullah

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan, December 13, 2021 / – The SquarePeg is an in-house digital marketing company that in 1.5 years has won the International Clutch Award twice for being the Best B2B Company in Pakistan and for its specialization in providing top-shelf assistance and creating flexible and sustainable digital solutions. Founded by two uniquely different people with a shared vision of going beyond traditional marketing practices to creating real, distinctive and long-lasting stories and experiences, SquarePeg is set to break all the traditional standards of not only South Asian digital marketing agencies but also societal expectations of women working in the marketing industry.

The unruly, unconventional, rebellious but lovable brainchild of these two diversely talented women, The SquarePeg has been ranked in Top 5 Digital Marketing Agencies in Islamabad by Sortlist and in Top 30 Digital Marketing Agency out of 100 in Pakistan by Manifest list. In 2021, the company’s website, which is unconventionally bright and in your face, was ranked in the top 20 digital marketing agency websites by Priority Pixels UK, being the only one from South Asia and winning the LUX Global Hospitality award given to the agency as the best marketing agency Digital Hospitality Emerging in South Asia! The company prides itself on telling the brand story in the most innovative, voice and unique way that not only ensures brand recognition but also converts potential customers into real customers.

Zunaira Omar and Maliha Safiullah, the co-founders of SquarePeg, set up the company in March 2020 after a year-long struggle to identify market gaps, recruit the best resources for their team, and craft a plan and goals for their company and a different line of business they envisioned doing in an already well-established digital media market.

By establishing themselves in a male-dominated and ruled industry in a country where working women are only a small part of the workforce, the co-founders were set out from the start to make a difference. Having worked for international companies, they wanted to bring their international expertise locally which meant that even within the company and their teammates they intended to inculcate unconventional practices that would keep the creative passion alive while maximizing productivity.

Zunaira Omar, a tech-savvy software engineer, has embarked on an MBA after a 15-year hiatus from education while breathing life into the concept of The SquarePeg. As she juggled between her education and starting a job, she would run after her two sons and ensure her home life wouldn’t be affected by everything she had on her plate. “It’s never too late to start living your dream – you just need to believe that you can grace as many roles as you desire even if everything around you screams that you can only fit into one role.”

In the same spirit, Maliha Safi Allah decided to make it a new standard for bringing her baby boy to work after deciding that women in South Asia surrender their home life once they get married and especially after having a child. Taking a kid to client meetings, attending meetings with a kid hanging from her shoulder, creating a little office space for him watching his mom work, would raise eyebrows in any company, but SquarePeg breaks that cultural norm and somehow makes no apologies for having a kid in an office that didn’t lead to Nobody questioned this practice, too. “It wasn’t easy, but absolutely nothing. SquarePeg is not just a marketing agency – we see ourselves as a women-led project that has quality as its primary differentiating factor and will instill work practices that make life easier for women who want to do more for themselves and are simply rejected Because of their family/social situations. This is just the beginning for us.”

SquarePeg faced many non-gender challenges, and the biggest challenge they initially faced was finding the right resources that align with their company’s vision which was closely followed by the challenge of convincing local customers of the most fruitful marketing strategy for their brand. The digital media market is a rising industry and is often misunderstood for being synonymous with creating graphics and buying followers and likes. The company works to provide comprehensive solutions to clients and has worked to take only a few select clients so that they can provide focused, practical attention to the entire marketing plan.

Upon hiring, SquarePeg’s marketing strategies and plans for clients have yielded beneficial results, and with international client retention, the company has been able to make a mark in the local digital market as well as with some notable startups and some notable startups. Currently, SquarePeg is expanding in terms of team and approach and they are all ready to receive more customers and further diversify their profile. On top of that, SquarePeg is also set to continue its pro bono work for charities and individuals when it comes to their digital marketing needs.

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