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Nicole Gregory and Emily Trampetti Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis

Nicole Gregory and Emily Trampetti Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis
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Nicole Gregory, CEO, Urban You

Emily Trampetti, founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics

Emily Trampetti, founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics

Candice Gorgadis

Candice Gorgadis

Nicole Gregory, CEO of Urban You. Emily Trampetti, founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics

I’m a great watcher of others – I read and think about what they’ve done, take cues about good and bad, and learn from it. This helped create a more holistic perspective on my professional journey.”

– Nicole Gregory, CEO, Urban You

GREENWICH, CT, USA, Dec 31, 2021 / – Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog of the same name, interviews people about the latest hotel styles, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics. It expands the marketing footprint of individuals and companies through a combination of branding and photography across social media and traditional websites.

Whether you are a newly launched company, or an industry veteran, without marketing, no one will know your company and not buy your product/service. Some of the marketing is straightforward, but others, like dealing with social media, influencers, etc., need someone who already knows the nature of the land. Enter Candice Georgiadis and its mix of branding / photography via social media and traditional sites. Connect with her through the contact options below and start 2022 on a positive note.

Nicole Gregory, CEO, Urban You
In today’s parlance, obfuscation is a positive adjective. But is disruption always good? When do we say the opposite, that a system or structure “has stood the test of time”? Can you speak to our readers when industry disruption is a positive thing, and when industry disruption is a “not positive”? Can you share some examples of what they mean?

Industries usually start out as disruptive, and that’s usually a good thing. They are filling an unmet gap in the market. When I think of an example of industry disruption, I think of the Internet: As it started to become mainstream, we all got these CDs in our physical mailboxes from AOL to download software to our computer, which is what we needed to get online; But think about the cost of it. Then Gmail came along – they knew most people had some sort of internet access on their PC already, largely due to all the basic work other companies had already put in place, so they didn’t need to send them anything but a link and maybe some ads On why they chose Gmail instead of one of the original providers. The switch was easy. They disrupted the market. That was a positive for the consumer, and maybe not so for some OG’s. However, this happens all the time. Cable goes through this now, with all services on demand; And then on demand it will review it soon when people start going to other entertainment platforms – Metaverse. The negative impact on companies that do not think about the future and how they, their customers and their employees will be affected in these turbulent worlds.

Can you share 3 of the best tips you got during your trip? Please give a story or example for each.

1. Stay humble – how many times have I thought I was all that and a bag of chips, and then the next thing I know I was defeated. Be humble, keep asking questions and learning.

2. Delegate – By enabling others to learn, you help them advance to their next position. This gets me out of bed every day, the idea of ​​my team being better when I’m not there.

3. Magic happens in doing nothing – people ask where I get my vision. It’s mostly from doing nothing. If you know me, I always do something. Most point dialing happens in my travels, reading, notes, and just sitting around and doing nothing.

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Emily Trampetti, founder of Skin Property Virtual Esthetics
Can you share 3 of the best tips you got during your trip? Please give a story or example for each.

One. Don’t be afraid to be weak.

As a (recovering) perfectionist, I’ve always believed that I needed to know everything and anything about skin to succeed. I need to read every book, access every medical journal, attend every conference, and try to learn something new every day (yes, I was also a pet teacher throughout elementary school). I tend to fear that if I don’t know something, my credibility as a professional will be questioned. But here’s the thing, my clients personally tell me that what they value most about me and my work is my authenticity, warmth, honesty, and truth – not my endless knowledge of skin physiology and histology. They work with me because I make them feel cared for and prioritized. These are the things they write, without excuse, in my surveys. So while knowledge is important, I need to remember that my total value isn’t as realistic as that. This advice is also echoed and proven in much of Brian Brown’s work. If you want to understand the true power of vulnerability and live authentically – in your work and personal life – definitely start exploring her wonderful work.

two. Listening is the best way to grow.

As an entrepreneur, maintaining the right pulse of customer value is critical to your success as a company and brand. It’s easy to get bogged down in operations, internal business affairs, and self-serve attempts while forgetting what keeps us going, and which consistently delivers unique value to our customers.[…]

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