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Neha Kundu, editorial head for “Big Data Marketers, talks about the importance of good content in the PR space

Neha Kundu, editorial head for "Big Data Marketers, talks about the importance of good content in the PR space
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Neha Kondo

The content writing industry has built up quite a bit over the past few years. The trend appears to be at its peak and experts predict that it will continue to thrive. In the digital space, words and content will define the business by being the first point of contact between the customer and the company.

For any press release, it is important to create a publication that understands the important ideas, dreams, and goals of any individual or company. Editors explore, research, and write about how people express their spirit and creativity through their work. Entrepreneurship Stories focus on supporting people in their physical and mental health, their ambitions and goals for their future, and their journey towards achievement.

Neha explains who we are and what we do, and provides insights behind the interview on how to bring each publication together. Neha is a graduate of the Department of Art from University of Delhi and has worked as an Associate Editor at Big Data Marketers and also as a freelance editor for other publications. Her association with various media platforms began in early 2021, months after her work was published. We’ve seen her cover business, marketing and entrepreneurship stories from across India and the UK.

Fully dedicated, Neha Kondo has contributed significantly to UBJ, Woman Entrepreneur, Disrupt and INFLUENCIVE. “I am still thinking of more creative ways I can contribute,” she quotes. Her next challenge is to adapt to a completely new environment: working alongside Ylenia Francini, the new Vice President of Big Data Marketers, a digital entrepreneur based in Italy where she will be covering stories of people from different parts of Europe. She leads a team of top editors at Big Data Marketers and says, “We are excited to learn from our collaboration with Ylenia Francini because she has extensive experience in this field.”

In her view, with the introduction of SEO and digital PR, content has become the most important way to generate leads and get your brand into the digital sphere. When done successfully, good PR can help a company create earning media placements that help build brand identity and industry equity. Most importantly, this can and should lead to increased presence and sales in the industry. Followers, customers, and potential investors want to hear a good story, and the better the story, the better the chance of it being published.

Writing consistent, high-quality content has become an invaluable way to connect brands with their customers by building a relationship with their audience and driving their interest to come back for more. Moreover, it inevitably brings out a human angle that resonates with clients in its content. She knows that more than a third of customer decisions are based on feelings, not facts. This makes its content more relevant to its readers. She works with innovative and discouraged entrepreneurs to showcase their stories in top media outlets.

When asked how she distinguishes the media to work from social media blogs, she mentioned that the media relies on recognizable sources. Attributes what you read to real people and is easily verifiable. We work hard to move away from reporting from a single source, and to give readers context and balance. Every media platform I work on has websites with legitimate URLs, and they list contact information, employee names, and the media organization’s leadership team on the website. Sometimes, we correct mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes sometimes, but there is a big difference between a mistake and knowingly and knowingly publishing a false report due to some political or social agenda. Fake websites, blogs, and social media don’t correct mistakes. They thrive on them.

You can follow her on Instagram @inehakundu

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