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Mother of Harmony Montgomery says she ‘never stopped’ looking for missing daughter

Dad arrested in 2019 disappearance of New Hampshire girl who was recently reported missing
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The mother of 7-year-old Harmony Montgomery made her first public comments at a vigil Saturday night, saying she had “never stopped” searching for answers about her daughter’s disappearance.

The woman, Crystal Surrey, told NBC Boston at the vigil in Manchester, New Hampshire, that she had been “begging for any kind of answer” since she last spoke to her daughter nearly three years ago. Suri said Harmony’s father, Adam Montgomery, who had legal custody at the time of her disappearance, blocked any contact between Suri and Harmony after a video call in April 2019.

Harmony Montgomery.Manchester Police Department.

Suri said, “I don’t feel like she’s gone. I just don’t feel it in my heart. Like, I don’t feel like I’ve lost her. Mom knows, mom knows if your child is here or not. I know she’s here.”

Police began searching for Harmony after they learned of her disappearance in December. Greater Manchester Police said the case was “extremely concerning” and that it was “under investigation”.

The police are looking for Harmony assuming she is alive.

Harmony’s father and stepmother, Kayla Montgomery, have been arrested, but no charges have been brought for her disappearance.

Adam Montgomery was charged with felony second-degree assault, foster care interference, and two misdemeanor counts of endangering a child’s welfare. According to an affidavit, the assault charge stems from an incident in July 2019 when he allegedly confessed to his concerned uncle that he gave Harmony a black eye after she failed to stop her little brother from crying.

His wife, accused of welfare fraud, is accused of collecting more than $1,500 in Harmony’s food stamp benefits, even though the girl no longer lives in her home.

Both pleaded not guilty.

Kayla Montgomery told police that her husband told her in late 2019 that Harmony was going back to live with her mother. Adam Montgomery claimed to the police that Suri had come to pick up Harmony to live with her.

But Suri said on Saturday she had been trying to track down her daughter since April 2019, and made anxious calls to nearby schools and the New Hampshire Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Suri said the harmony “failed by everyone.”

She addressed her daughter directly while speaking to NBC Boston, saying she wanted Harmony to know how much she loved her.

“If you can see me and hear me, I want you to know that I haven’t stopped looking for you and won’t stop fighting until I find you, okay? You stay strong, and your mom is here fighting for you. I love you.”

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