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mm2 Asia enters NFT scene with marketplace for digital entertainment collectibles

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Entertainment Group MM2 Asia plans to launch Metaviva, a new NFT marketplace for licensed digital entertainment tokens and collectibles focused on popular entertainment and media content from the region.

Metaviva will offer fans the opportunity to share and participate in their favorite content in the form of NFTs. These items include keyart, audiovisual footage, music, animation, merchandise, and even actual props from movies, shows, and events – to name a few mm2 Asia content alone. Content producers from the region will also be invited to promote NFTs in the marketplace.

Metaviva will serve as a hub for consumers to buy, trade, sell and store digital tokens and will be interoperable across Polygon, Ethereum and other blockchains. The market launch date will be announced in the coming weeks.

Melvin Ang, founder and CEO of MM2 Asia, said he wanted to create a platform that enables content producers to build their brands and community audience base by creating offerings that were previously only available to industry insiders. “Metaviva NFT owners may receive early or exclusive access to limited-edition collectibles, and invitations to real-world events such as movie premieres and celebrity meet and greets,” he added. interactive marketing I reached out to MM2 Asia for comment.

At the same time, MM2 entered into a non-binding terms sheet with RHT, Aldigi Financial Holdings, to allow the latter to invest in Metaviva. Jayaprakash Jagatesan, CEO of RHT Aldigi, said: “Our expertise in intellectual property ownership, licensing, marketing, M&A advisory, market development for digital assets and a distribution channel for alternative assets will enable us to launch a trusted NFT marketplace as an option for mm2 to unlock the value of creative and collectible content. “

Ang said that while the NFT market today represents a small portion of the physical asset market, he believes that the digital collectibles market will outperform the physical collectibles market in the future. “The licensed goods market is estimated at $291 billion globally in 2020, and is expected to grow by 2.2% annually. In 2020, the global NFT market represented approximately $338 million in transaction volume, and in August 2021 the value was The total NFTs traded crossed the high water barrier of $10 billion.”

For example, MM2 Asia said that in November last year, Warner Bros. released 100,000 avatars to promote the release of Matrix Resurrection, which then saw hundreds of thousands of fans said to have taken down partner Nifty’s site due to “infrastructure issues” caused by maximum capacity. In December, Sony and AMC Theaters teamed up to present shows Spider-Man: There is no room for home NFTs in marketing promotion, demonstrating the potential of various applications. Advance ticket sales, which included NFT, crashed at both AMC and Fandango locations upon launch. Scalpers are also reported to be offering tickets between $200 and $25,000 each.

Also making his mark on the NFT scene this year was Syed Siddiq, Member of Parliament for Muar in Malaysia. He recently collaborated with charitable organization NFT4HOPE to release a set of NFTs that show his face. Through this group, the organization aims to raise funds for flood victims in Malaysia. A total of four NFTs can be seen on the NFT4HOPE website, and they have been categorized as either ‘very rare’ or ‘very rare’. Titled “Metamorphosis”, the Ultra Rare version is a mixture of digital and physical artwork by contemporary artist Jaee Tee.

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