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Meet the company: PHL Digital

Meet the company: PHL Digital
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January is often the time for New Year’s resolutions, and for businesses, this should include taking a close look at your website and looking at how it can perform best for you. That’s why today we sat down with Laura Palmer, Director of Business Development at PHL Digital, to talk about websites, what is needed for a fully-enabled e-commerce website in 2022 and how PHL Digital can help you:

Who is PHL Digital, and why did a company launch a web development executive?

We are a digital team skilled in building affordable Shopify ecommerce websites. PHL Digital uses technical know-how to deliver modern and innovative solutions to businesses and retailers. We have gained a wealth of real-world e-commerce experience from our parent company, PHL Group. Logistics company with over 20 years in retail fulfillment.

PHL Digital is uniquely different because we offer a comprehensive e-commerce solution. This form means that we can build, operate, maintain and update your website. We can also maintain inventory, pick and pack and ship orders, manage returns, and handle all of your customer services. You do not have to use our fulfillment services to become a PHL Digital customer, but by working with us, you will benefit from our deep understanding of how e-commerce works.

We provide exceptional value and service by combining industry knowledge and technical expertise. Creating fully customized websites that don’t cost the earth while providing all the functionality and supporting your online business needs to grow and thrive.

Why January?

January is a great time for retailers to think about updating their websites. Fresh from experiencing all the gains and pains of the high season, with some breathing space to translate that learning into a meaningful plan for improvement. At PHL Digital, we don’t advise customers to just look past. Attention should also focus on the future, for example, Covid, Brexit and changing consumer trends. Retail has never developed as fast as it has in the past couple of years, and proactively keeping pace with change should be a top priority.

From January onwards, most retailers have about eight to nine months until the next peak season. Although it only takes 2-8 weeks to build a Shopify website, it’s never a good idea to give yourself the time to do some solid market research and planning. Also, allowing your website time to “sleep” for a month or two before it gets really tested is a great way to solve unexpected user issues. Feedback from customers is invaluable for any online retailer who wants to maximize sales opportunities. So my advice is to go ahead now and start your own discovery process.

What does PHL Digital do?

We’ve already mentioned our Shopify ecommerce capabilities. I think it is necessary to add that with our experience in multi-channel logistics, we are exceptionally skilled in building sites for market vendors. Again, this is an experience learned from a real-world application. We know what works and how other retailers have succeeded in expanding their business and improving efficiency with web solutions.

PHL Digital also develops commercial websites and promotional micro-sites for brands and marketing agencies. We offer a wide range of technical services to a diverse client base, from start-up companies to big-name brands. One of our most exciting areas of service is building custom web applications. Apps are all about providing a unique solution to a specific challenge, and they put our problem-solving skills and innovation to the test. We enjoy the challenge of designing a simple and elegant digital solution.

Why Shopify?

PHL Digital Why ShopifyWe work with other platforms, such as WooCommerce, but we usually recommend Shopify as a preferred option. For us, it comes down to the three main Shopify benefits;

  • protection
  • efficiency
  • Flexibility

Shopify is a very secure and powerful platform, which is very important for retailers today. Shopify handles all of the top security functionality, leaving developers to focus on meeting the rest of the customer’s needs. In terms of efficiency, Shopify provides developers with all the necessary tools out of the box to do their work quickly and effectively. This efficiency translates to lower costs and faster turnaround times. Crucially, Shopify’s flexibility allows retailers to get a fully customized design without busting a budget. Shopify can be extended, by skilled developers, to go beyond its original intent. New trends like headless commerce can open Shopify to a nearly unlimited design range.

For market sellers and SMBs, if you take the above benefits with the fact that Shopify connects to all major markets and has virtually unlimited integrations, it’s a clear winner for any omnichannel retailer!

Can’t I just make a Shopify site myself?

If you are a small business with a small product catalog and marketing is not vital, then yes. Shopify provides the tools to create a go-to e-commerce website for yourself. However, creating a website internally to save money can be a false economy. When you add in the internal costs, the potential loss in sales and the time that could have been used to drive your business forward, it may not be as price-effective as hiring a value-paid agency like PHL Digital.

If having a comprehensive product catalog, strong SEO, and memorable branding is critical to your business, then you probably need a custom theme. Pre-made topics will rarely fit perfectly with your business and industry.

Professional customization of a subject requires specialized knowledge that you will need to hire internally or through an agency. However, a skilled designer will deliver a better performing site with excellent SEO, faster site speed, and higher ranking. Shopify developers will also be able to take a pre-made theme and match it to your brand to get the exact look and feel you need.

Organicsthe challenge

Organix wanted to build a D2C e-commerce solution to increase brand awareness and build awareness. Their primary audience consists of busy parents and professions concerned about providing healthy, age-appropriate food and snacks for children.

the solution

The Organix brand should be reflected throughout the online store, with an overall aesthetic that upholds the promise of organic and family-friendly.

An easy and intuitive user experience is essential to the demographic of Organix’s customers. We created enhanced product categories, broken down by age, special offers and bundles. This powerful functionality allowed customers to quickly select the products they want and buy them with confidence.

To add a little fun and sharing to the store, we have developed a personalization function that allows adding the child’s name to the selected products.


Since the launch, online sales have continued to grow month after month, breaking all original targets and KPIs.

How do I start?

Finding the right digital partner can be a challenge; You need an agency that truly understands your vision and goals. We’re always happy to get an initial exploration email or chat about a potential project to see if we’re a good fit for you.

Simply send us an email, pick up the phone (01938 538689) or book an online meeting to give us a brief description of who you are and what you want to achieve.

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