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Mediaworks to build digital transformation for housing provider Prolific North

Mediaworks - Bernicia Group
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Digital agency Mediaworks has been hired by housing provider North East Bernicia Group to develop a range of new websites.

The agency, which has offices in Newcastle, Leeds, Edinburgh, Manchester and Dublin, will work with the housing provider to build greater tenant participation across the five new locations. The new platforms will aim to transform the digital footprint of the Bernicia Group and improve customer-facing digital services.

The Bernicia Group consists of Bernicia Homes, commercial real estate experts in Kingston and Open Spaces, real estate agents Living Spaces, and The Bernicia Foundation, the group’s charitable organization.

Brett Jacobson, CEO and Founder, Mediaworks, said: “We are developing five distinct digital platforms designed and optimized for each of our audiences to ensure that our 60,000 customers are able to access and benefit from Bernicia Group services in a more visible and simple way. Our partnership with Bernicia Group will prove future its position as one of the most prominent providers of housing in the country.”

Vanessa Robinson, Head of Communications at Bernice, added: “The online customer interface needed to be updated to reflect our enhanced offering. Mediaworks has a proven track record of digital expertise and knowledge that relates specifically to current housing challenges – and they understood our requirements immediately.”

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