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Maryland Tourism Coalition Names Emily Dorr Winner of 2021 Tourism Advocate Award | News

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Frederick, MD.And December 22 2021 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – The Maryland Tourism Alliance awarded Postern owner and creative director, Emily Dor, Tourism Lawyer Award 2021 for her hard work, dedication and commitment Maryland the field of tourism.

As a small business owner, Dorr has a long history of partnering with destination marketing organizations, small businesses, hospitality companies, restaurants, and other travel and tourism entities. Whether it’s overseeing the creation of guides for visitors, lending consulting marketing expertise to companies, or directing the direction of destination-based marketing campaigns, she has always championed the success of the state’s tourism industry.

Emily Dor The Postern team have been loyal partners of our organization for many years.” Michael Henningsen, executive vice president of Bloomdon Hospitality Partners and president of the Maryland Hotel Accommodation Association. “Throughout our successes, and in times when our industry has faced adversity, we have been able to look to Postern for guidance and support.”

When the COVID-19 disruptions put many of these longstanding partners at risk due to various travel restrictions and closures, Dor and her team first moved in finding solutions that would directly and indirectly support tourism for the benefit of their customers and a state of emergency. Maryland in its entirety.

“It was easy for Emily to take the attitude that so many other small business owners have been forced to endure throughout the COVID-19 pandemic: walking around and simply focusing on self-preservation,” he said. Ruth TommyCEO, Maryland Tourism Alliance. “It was certainly the safest approach; however, it has always been committed to ensuring the success of its clients, even when this may be challenging.”

While simultaneously working to maintain her small business, Dor poured her energy into adapting strategic marketing efforts for her clients, such as reimagining tourism publications in digital formats, creating digital advertising campaigns to promote travel to the destination in compliance with COVID-19 restrictions, and hosting supportive collaborative groups Free for clients and non-clients alike to innovate best practices in such challenging times Design a portfolio of signage to enhance hotel safety and cleaning procedures Build partnerships between profit and non-profit organizations to meet the basic needs of the community Employed messaging and design expertise to support recruitment and retention efforts At a time when it was difficult to retain employees in the professions based on tourism and hospitality.

While these are a handful of services that Dorr has directed throughout the turbulent days of the past 12-18 months, the most notable step in the tourism advocacy has been to start an entirely new business.

Dorr has stuck so firmly to her belief that the primary goal of her work is to support our community, which led to the formation of Postern Publishing – the new publishing arm of her longtime marketing agency. This work will feature the next endeavor, Maryland Road Trips – an online tool that serves as an essential resource for travel information and inspiration for those involved in the domestic car travel boom. The vision of this platform was to highlight the routes, destinations, businesses and attractions at a time when residents of the country and tourists nearby from outside the country desperately needed outlets to relieve their travel itch safely.

Now, through engaging experiences written by a variety of contributors and specially curated road trip itineraries, Maryland Road Trips website and social media accounts have successfully promoted 132 Maryland cities and towns as well as more than 500 businesses. This original content generates tens of thousands of unique pageviews every month and continues to build on its original vision to promote tourism and hospitality in all regions of the world. Maryland.

Dorr said, “This is a really real honor, especially after a year all the business has seen. Postern hasn’t escaped being affected by COVID. However, I wish the award would be called the Advocates Award (plural) because I have to give credit to my team. Without them, no Something from the work or results that we produce for our business partners or for a situation Maryland It would be possible.”

According to the Maryland Tourism Alliance, the Tourism Advocate Award is given to “a person who has raised awareness of the tourism industry and its impact on the economy” and “has succeeded in making a commitment to education at the state, local or county level.” Dorr has always done her best to defend her clients and Maryland The tourism industry as a whole, which makes it the holder of a well-deserved honor.

Postern is a full-service marketing and advertising agency located downtown Frederick, MD. Their service offerings include strategic marketing and advertising planning, print and digital graphic design, copywriting and public relations, social media management, website design, and search engine optimization.

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