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Long-time Cooksey Communications leaders complete agency acquisition

Long-time Cooksey Communications leaders complete agency acquisition
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There is a change over the top in one of the best telecom companies in North Texas.

After completing a multi-year succession plan for agency founder Jill Cosey, longtime Cooksey Communications leaders Colby Walton and Jason Meyer each acquired the entirety of the 14-employee, Texas-based strategic communications company that she launched in 1994.

Walton, who began his career at the PR agency at Cooksey Communications in 1998, was appointed partner in 2015 and most recently as president, and is now Cooksey’s president and CEO. Mayer, who joined the company in 2011, also became a partner in 2015 and most recently served as executive vice president, and is now its president. Jill Coxey has been appointed President Emeritus in recognition of her founding role for the agency and continued advisory guidance after her retirement to the leadership team.

“Over nearly three decades, our agency has earned a well-deserved reputation for providing communications solutions with exceptional attention to detail, and Gail has carefully assembled a team of experts with diverse skills deeply dedicated to their profession,” Walton said. “Jason and I are honored to have been assigned leadership roles in recent years and to build on that legacy as she is now retiring. We are committed to maintaining the agency’s unparalleled spirit of service and enriching its collaborative culture while continuing to help clients address communication issues with their most important stakeholders. “

“Thanks to our thoughtful succession generation plan and our talented colleagues on the Cooksey team, what customers can expect is stability and a smooth transition in terms of service delivery and their interactions with us,” Mayer said. “The day-to-day account teams remain the same, and our commitment to agency clients remains the highest priority. At the same time, we closely monitor the latest emerging issues in each of our core areas of focus so that we can anticipate and address future communications challenges – including through partnership With compliant and high-quality professional service providers to deliver innovative solutions that comprehensively meet clients’ “evolving needs”.

Further confirmation of the agency’s stable and smooth transition of ownership, the Cooksey Communications name and branding will remain.

“As I think about the last 28 years, I’ve had the pleasure of building Cooksey Communications with the invaluable help of Colby’s and Jason, as well as the contributions of many others,” said Gil Coxey. “I am grateful for the relationships we have developed and the outstanding reputation we have gained. I am also very confident that Colby and Jason will provide strong and capable leadership. They have already demonstrated a clear ability to do so in recent years, during which time they have been assigned important duties as they become partners and when they have stepped back from Active agency management. There is no doubt that Cocci’s clients and colleagues are in good hands.”

Walton and Meyer have more than four decades of combined experience in public relations and marketing communications. Walton graduated from Duke University with a BA in History and Public Policy Studies, summa cum laude, and holds a Juris Doctor from the University of Virginia School of Law before joining Heinz and Boone in Dallas, LLP’s Business Development division in 1997. During his 23-year tenure – For a year at Cooksey, Walton helped establish and grow the agency’s competence in the marketing of professional services and municipal communications to clients facing a range of complex, high-risk public relations issues.

Meyer, a US Navy veteran and graduate of the University of North Texas with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, came to Cocci in 2011 after distinguished service in national and local politics, school district communications, and at other notable creations at North Texas Agency. Mayer draws on this experience to inform his administration of the work of the municipal Cooksey campaign, as well as his efforts on behalf of transportation advocacy groups and leading commercial real estate companies, among others.

Walton and Meyer have been deeply involved in numerous professional and community service organizations, including leadership positions and membership in groups such as the North Texas Commission, the Dallas Regional Chamber, the Fort Worth Chamber, the Irving Las Colinas Greater Chamber of Commerce, the Fort Worth Leadership, Duke University Alumni Club of North Texas, Virginia Morris Kincaid Foundation and the National Association of Estate Editors.

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