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Little Rock mayor’s chief spokeswoman resigns from city job after nearly 3 years

Little Rock mayor's chief spokeswoman resigns from city job after nearly 3 years
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LITTLE ROCK – Mayor Frank Scott Jr.’s director of communications has quit her part-time job in the city, effective Monday.

Stephanie Jackson served as Scott’s spokeswoman for less than three years after his inauguration in January 2019 after working with his campaign team.

“Director of Communications Stephanie Jackson has resigned from her role at Little Rock City effective January 3,” Scott said Tuesday in a statement from Little Rock spokesman Spencer Watson. “I am forever grateful for her leadership during crises and her willingness to serve the residents of Little Rock.”

An automatic email response from Jackson on Tuesday said she was no longer with the city and directed contact requests to Watson or Bridget Newson, Scott’s executive assistant.

Jackson did not respond to a voicemail seeking comment on Tuesday.

An Arkansas Freedom of Information Act request that requested Jackson’s letter of resignation along with any accompanying documentation from the Department of Human Resources for her termination of employment in the city by Tuesday evening was not fulfilled.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette reported that Jackson was hired for $40 an hour for a part-time job in February 2019.

While handling communications on behalf of the mayor, Jackson concurrently held another position at a local PR and marketing agency, The Design Group.

As of last summer, Jackson held the position of director of public and media relations for The Design Group. Her husband, Myron Jackson, also works for the company as CEO.

On at least two occasions, The Design Group has become mixed with the city’s public affairs operations.

In 2019, Little Rock hired The Design Group to produce a lengthy “serious accident” video that combines video and audio recordings relating to the fatal shooting of 30-year-old Bradley Blackshire on February 22, 2019 by then-officer Charles Starks.

$4,990 was paid to Design Group to produce the video, Democrat-Gazette reported in 2019. The amount fell below the city limit requiring purchases of $5,000 or more to come out to make a competitive bid, if there’s no waiver.

Two years later, during Scott’s March 25, 2021 credits, State of the City’s virtual broadcast, The Design Group was credited with “artistic direction and design.” Jackson was identified in the credits as the broadcast executive producer.

Jackson later said the company had not been paid for its work on the virtual event.

When asked about the company’s involvement at the time, Jackson told the Democrat-Gazette she was “very careful and very thoughtful about what I do for Little Rock City.”

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