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Leeds entrepreneur and founder of eGrowth Media on building a six-figure business from his bedroom during lockdown

Leeds entrepreneur and founder of eGrowth Media on building a six-figure business from his bedroom during lockdown
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The 22-year-old celebrates turning his Leeds-based marketing agency into a six-figure business, but his success has not been without challenges.

Faced with fears from clients nearly twice his age, and even jealousy among his friends, Joe has captured people with his “absolute belief” in the services he provides at eGrowth Media.

He launched the business from his parents’ home in Muirfield in April 2020, after the shutdown put an end to the events business he runs with his best friends.

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Joe Taylor, 22, is the founder of marketing agency eGrowth Media (Photo: Jonathan Gawthorpe)

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Joe told the Yorkshire Evening Post: “My options were to go to university, get a 9-5, or because it was during the pandemic I thought it might be something as basic as working in a supermarket.

“I decided to invest in a skill instead, so I bought a course from it [YouTuber and success coach] Jordan Platten on social media ads and showed me how to reach customers.”

Despite the initial struggle to convince clients to trust them with their social media marketing, Joe’s business has grown rapidly – moving to a head office in downtown Leeds in September 2021.

Joe started his business from his bedroom during lockdown and is now celebrating a six-figure turn (Photo: Jonathan Gawthorpe)

eGrowth mostly works with real estate investors and real estate agents, helping them generate leads through paid advertising, as well as offering content creation and social media management.

With over 30 five-star reviews and glowing testimonials, Joe said going “extraordinary” to his clients and building relationships helped attract people.

He added, “In the end, the first two people made me believe in me and I proved that I could do it.

eGrwoth Media has moved into a head office in downtown Leeds in the Pinnacle Building (Photo: Jonathan Gawthorpe)

“It was my close friends, mentors, and my parents who got through it.

“My number one client now is my business mentor, it’s important to be surrounded by people like him who keep pushing you and making you accountable.”

Joe now manages a team of three and said one of the biggest challenges to running the business is the “hard work” of keeping customers and employees happy, as well as attracting new customers.

“It can be very stressful,” he said.

“As a business owner, you always put out fires. I feel older than my age, I’m 22 but I feel like I’m 40!

“But I love the freedom it gives me and the people I meet, and our network is really growing. I’ve traveled more than ever and can dedicate my time to what I want to do.”

Joe has ambitious plans to turn eGrowth Media into a £1m business, before moving into real estate investing and launching a hotel chain.

Share his advice to other young entrepreneurs who dream of pursuing his success.

“Find out what you want to do and why you want to do it,” Joe said.

“If it’s superficial, like on Instagram or to prove people wrong, it won’t work.

Then figure out your strategy, whether it’s marketing or e-commerce or whatever. Choose your major.

“Find a mentor and surround yourself with the right people. That’s what made me excel in this position. Most of all, be consistent.”

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