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Kieran O’Brien and Casey Adams Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis

Kieran O’Brien and Casey Adams Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis
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Kieran O’Brien, co-founder of

Casey Adams, co-founder of MediaKits

Casey Adams, co-founder of MediaKits

Candice Gorgadis

Candice Gorgadis

Kieran O’Brien, co-founder of Casey Adams, co-founder of MediaKits

The skills you learn as a byproduct of trying — from sales to psychology to how to raise money — are the biggest return on investment, and the biggest reward.”

– Kieran O’Brien, co-founder of

GREENWICH, CT, USA, Jan 7, 2022 / – Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog of the same name, interviews people about the latest hotel styles, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics. It expands the marketing footprint of individuals and companies through a combination of branding and photography across social media and traditional websites.

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Kieran O’Brien, co-founder of
So what are the most exciting projects you’re working on right now? How do you think this might help people?

Well, of course, MediaKits is the biggest project I’m currently working on — and my partner, Casey Adams, and I are doing this to help creators in the creator economy. One of the things that makes MediaKits so unique is that we are the creators first. We’re not building a tool where creators sign up, give us all their data, and then sell it to different brands – we’re actually doing the opposite. We want creators to be in complete control of their data, presence, and partnerships. The impact we’re chasing in this industry is to build a tool that supports creators and what they’re looking to build.

What are the “top five ways influencers can monetize their brand”. (Please share a story or example of each.)

Brand deals. Building brand partnerships can be very profitable for both parties – but you need to be prepared. You’ll want to have a media kit, portfolio, or other professional-looking material to help get you this kind of paid deal. David Dobrik’s deal with Chipotle is a great example to look at.
Advertising revenue from content. Platforms like YouTube pay their creators great money for allowing advertisers to place ads in their videos. This revenue is shared between the creator and the advertiser. Ryan’s World YouTube channel made $30 million in 2021, and Ryan is only 9 years old.
Creator money. TikTok has promoted this tactic – but creator money is pools of money that creators can leverage by creating viral content on the platform.
goods. Many creators choose to display merchandise and market items to their followers. Yes Theory is a great example of this with its “Seek Dis Comfort” brand.
courses. Oftentimes, online creators have grown famous by being good at one specific thing, which opens up the opportunity for them to teach their audience how to do it too.

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Casey Adams, co-founder of MediaKits
What are the “top five ways influencers can monetize their brand”. (Please share a story or example of each.)

Brand Deals – The most effective way for content creators to start monetizing their brand is to get paid to promote other products/services. This usually happens when a content creator takes the initiative to access and share their media collection with a brand, actively promoting themselves as a potential partner. For example, creator JR Garage (jrgarage) has worked with several car brands using a media kit.
Launching a Company – More and more creative people are realizing how important it is to promote their products and services. For example, Josh Richards and Bryce Hall launched Ani Energy because they knew it was a better idea than promoting RedBull for free.
NFT LAUNCH – The creator economy is rapidly shifting to web3 and causing creators to look at monetization in a different light. For example, famous businessman Gary Vee launched an NFT project called “Vee Friends” and every NFT provides access to an annual event that he hosts.
Advertising income – This is very popular for many of the big YouTube creators. Monetizing your YouTube brand is fairly simple, but you need to meet certain criteria + get a lot of views. For example, at the height of Jake Paul’s professional YouTube career, he was making money from YouTube advertising revenue.
Affiliate Deals – Content creators can get a percentage of the sales they bring to the brand through affiliate marketing.
If you could inspire a movement that would bring the most good to the greatest number of people, what would it be? You never know what your idea could trigger.

For me, it’s all about curiosity — and you might be wondering how I plan to start a movement around curiosity, but let me clarify that a little bit.

I have learned a lot by actually asking thousands of questions to some of the most influential, intelligent and inspiring individuals in the world; And every time I have the opportunity to sit down with one of these people, I feel my skills sharpen and my knowledge base deepening. These are not necessarily ideas you might learn in school. These are things that come from years of practical and theoretical experience combined. It’s life experience and learning on the job all rolled into one.

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