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JuniperMarket Opens Platform for Business

JuniperMarket Opens Platform for Business
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JuniperMarket is now open for business – allowing buyers and sellers of home décor, gifts, furniture and apparel to connect anytime, anywhere. The new multi-line B2B e-commerce platform powered by International Market Centers (IMC) is officially launched with over 1,500 brands with 3M SKUs registered to participate and setup on JuniperMarket. Participating brands, of which 50% are homes and 40% are gifts, offer buyers wide breadth and choice in one place.
“The next era of wholesale buying has come,” said Juniper CEO Bill Furlong, officially opening the digital marketplace today. “This transformation is inspired by our team’s deep roots in the industries Juniper serves and the unparalleled reach of buyer-seller relationships at IMC. Today marks a major step toward a digital marketplace that helps buyers and sellers discover, connect, and transact – in person or online – in order to bridge the sales gap. seamlessly physical and digital.”

Bob Marisch, CEO of IMC added: “In January 2020, we announced an investment to build Juniper, and since then – despite the unprecedented commercial turmoil – the Juniper team has moved forward, bringing together more than 220 employees to build, test, market and improve a tool that has been built around the world. Truly designed for industry by industry. The launch of JuniperMarket is a milestone in providing additional market opportunity and value to IMC clients.”

Combine sellers and buyers

JuniperMarket was launched with a wide range of gifts, home and lifestyle products from many of the most trusted brands in the market. Beyond its core, niche categories including seasonal, home/gourmet and fashion accessories have a strong and rapidly expanding presence on the platform. The mix of independent and emerging brands and sales agencies reflects the supply channels in the market, encouraging buyers not only to expand relationships with proven products from existing sellers but also to discover new suppliers. New sellers and new products are added daily to JuniperMarket, keeping offers fresh all year long, and enables buyers to diversify assortments and maintain a competitive advantage in their stores.

Connection to 26 physical IMC trade fairs and buying events sets JuniperMarket apart from other B2B wholesale platforms. In 2021 Juniper’s market activities generated over 26,000 pre-registered JuniperMarket users, with a direct pipeline to IMC’s database of 600,000+ qualified retailers and designers offering sellers broader exposure and sales opportunities. Enhanced Atlanta Market, Atlanta Clothing, High Point Market, Las Vegas Clothing and Las Vegas Market – which receives about 5.5. 1 million visitors per year – providing additional visibility to vendors currently participating in the IMC physical and digital marketplaces.

uplifting relationships

JuniperMarket is the only comprehensive B2B marketplace experience for the industry’s only sales agencies. Like a market sales experience, sellers can appoint representatives to buyers to discuss the selection of merchandise and get assistance with payments, shipping, and other logistics. This key function ultimately grows the sellers’ business without disrupting or excluding a vital part of the industry model and provides the personalized customer service that buyers expect from sellers.

“We know from years of wholesale experience, and from extensive research in our vertical industries, that relationships are the fuel for business-to-business trade,” Maricic said. “JuniperMarket is designed to be inclusive for salespeople and truly has an additive and flexible fit for everyone.”

Intuitive Tools

JuiperMarket’s design is inspired by the industries it serves. For buyers, the integrated platform—including a single shopping cart segmented by brand, global payment capabilities, access to JuniperCredit for Net 60 terms, and shipping, tracking, and communications tools for sales representatives—makes shopping easier. Product discovery is also simplified with brand, product and keyword searches, and the ability to favorite items and “pin” them to shareable panels. For sellers, the buyer pre-qualification process mirrors the actual markets process and maintains the wholesale integrity of the platform, enabling suppliers to focus on selling rather than on buyer adoption. In coordination with physical markets, sellers also have the option to qualify JuniperMarket buyers and set unique wholesale prices for the buyer.

Unique tools that make online sales through JuniperMarket accessible to brands and buyers of all levels. Launched in conjunction with JuniperMarket, JuniperCredit allows brands to submit Net 60 terms and receive payment within just two days. For buyers, JuniperCredit offers credit limits of up to $250,000 (after approval process) which can be used across multiple sellers to simplify credit management. JuniperMarket’s exclusive shipping and tracking capabilities enable buyers to take advantage of special discounts and easily track product shipment status.

Another Juniper feature is the full integration of JuniperMarket and JuniperCommerce’s compatible suite of SaaS tools for sales and commerce automation. With tools for building a private B2B website, product data sharing and aggregation, sales representative support, lead and customer management, JuniperCommerce provides small and medium-sized brands with multi-channel marketing and sales tools to grow business at a previously unreachable level.

“JuniperMarket and JuniperCommerce together create an unprecedented commerce ecosystem that simplifies wholesale communications and transactions, transforming our industry and giving buyers and sellers a better chance of winning,” Furlong added.

Personal celebrations

Attendees at IMC’s upcoming Atlanta Market (January 11-18, 2022 at AmericasMart Atlanta) and Las Vegas Market (January 23-27, 2022 at World Market Center Las Vegas) will have the opportunity to interact with Juniper through a series of events. JuniperMarket hosts market launch events, a “Bringing Your Digital Business – It’s Easier Than You Think” panel discussion and JuniperMarket experience hubs for existing and new registered users in both cities. JuniperCommerce showrooms are also available in both markets for brands looking to join the platform or to learn more about Juniper’s full suite of SaaS tools.

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