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John Vitti, Deb Singer and Karin Heck Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis

John Vitti, Deb Singer and Karin Heck Interviewed by Candice Georgiadis
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John Fetti, Entrepreneur and CEO of VersusGame

Deb Singer and Karin Heck started BRINGiT Bags PBC

Deb Singer and Karin Heck started BRINGiT Bags PBC

Candice Gorgadis

Candice Gorgadis

John Fetti, entrepreneur and CEO of VersusGame. Deb Singer and Karin Heck started BRINGiT Bags PBC

I refuse to work for anyone else and struggle like my father. I want to level the playing field and give the masses access to financial wealth and the enjoyment of doing so.”

– John Fetti, Entrepreneur and CEO of VersusGame

GREENWICH, CT, USA, Jan 4, 2022 / – Candice Georgiadis, owner of the blog of the same name, interviews people about the latest hotel styles, travel, lifestyle and other similar topics. It expands the marketing footprint of individuals and companies through a combination of branding and photography across social media and traditional websites.

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John Fetti, Entrepreneur and CEO of VersusGame
Can you share the funniest or most exciting stories that happened to you during your career?

#1) Funny

I think my face still hurts from laughing so hard. I can remember that day like yesterday when I exposed part of my cheek to a crowd of people I didn’t know. I decided to attend a very big fashion show. Little did I know that my guest ticket would soon turn into a full runway participant. It all started when I stood backstage watching all the models and turmoil. I was probably wearing a costume that made me look so handsome that night. Or maybe it was my shiny hair that made someone walk up to me and ask me to be on the show. I said yes reluctantly and was taken to a room with the Ken dolls. What made it even more comical was the scene I was asked to enter. It was for underwear and it would be my chance to show my body to the world. Before I knew it, I had been walking down the runway on what looked like a speedo. It definitely changed my view of what it means to always be willing to give it your all!

#2) Fun

I was having lunch with Mark Burnett at his Malibu home. Without a doubt one of the world’s greatest storytellers and storytellers. It was so interesting to have a front row seat to listen to the beautiful way he so masterfully created and tell a story. However, families for me did not stop there. Mark had a technique that would take storytelling to the next level. I stood amazed when I was given a sentence that would be put into a machine for translation. Within seconds, it was transcribed into a story that amazed me. During that moment, I realized the importance of mastering my storytelling. In a world of texts, emails, and Instagram DMs, having the ability to talk on a deeper level with Stories is much more important.

The full interview is available here

Deb Singer and Karin Heck started BRINGiT Bags PBC
Can you tell our readers what kind of work you do is causing the disruption?

Karen: We offer people a superior solution for everyday bags, meeting all their needs without having to make sacrifices:

Function: Our shopping system keeps and organizes all the bags you need for a shopping trip, every detail (belt length, pockets for keys and wallets, etc.) is centered around deep consumer insights

Sustainability: People are aware of the fact that single use is a bad thing. However, the conversation about the effects that reusable bags can have on the environment is just beginning. Lots of products talk about being plastic free while still being made of plastic! And as the New York Times reported earlier this year, cotton bags have become part of the problem, not a solution. Our bags are made of wood fibres, which is not only better for the environment during production, but is also compostable at home at the end of its life.

A lot of sustainable solutions seem pretty boring. Or very colorful and “playful”. Consumers told us they wanted something sleek, elevated and more neutral to easily complement any everyday outfit, demonstrating the overall design of our collection.

Deep: Everything Karen said. Additionally, the most confusing aspect of BRINGiT bags is the manufacturing. We’ve taken well-established fibers in sustainable textiles by brands like Patagonia, Olbirds, and Eileen Fisher, among others, and reimagined them in an entirely new product category. There is nothing on the market that is highly functional, reusable and sustainable. Our shopping bags are made of trees. They are from the earth and return to the earth when they have served a useful life.

Can you share a story about the funniest mistake you made when you first started? Can you tell us what lesson you learned from that?

We wanted to be friendly, so we posted our email addresses on our site. Lesson learned – there are plenty of people out there who would try to sell you anything and everything if they could.

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