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Jeremy McGilvrey Completes Harvard Graduate While Transforming Digital Presence

Jeremy McGilvrey Completes Harvard Graduate While Transforming Digital Presence
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One key feature separates the good from the great: an unusually high commitment to excellence in their profession. Whether it’s the most famous entrepreneurs, athletes or artists – those who excel are committed to a lifelong quest to acquire knowledge and skills.

When it comes to digital marketing, conversion-based websites, and sales funnels, look no further than Jeremy McGilvrey. With a track record of success spanning over a decade, including being named one of the top freelancers on Upwork and over 700 five-star reviews – Jeremy McGilvrey is setting a new standard for digital marketing.

However, this does not mean that he is counting on his laurels. Most recently, Jeremy McGilfrey completed a rigorous three-year graduate program at Harvard University in Marketing Management and Digital Strategy.

This achievement was driven by his belief that no matter what success one achieves in one’s life – the ultimate reward is taking the time, energy and money to invest in your education, skills and training.

Jeremy McGilfrey sets an example of lifelong improvement

McGilvrey’s commitment to the endless pursuit of perfection is based on Japanese Kaizen principles, which translate into constant and continuous improvement. He believes that the moment you stop growing is when you begin to lose focus on your true purpose. Upon completing his undergraduate studies at Harvard, he said:

“I believe in the power of lifelong learning and constantly strive to improve myself. Our external circumstances can change at any moment – see how the pandemic has affected countless businesses. However, there is one thing that no one can take away from you: skills, training, and knowledge You gain. I believe money is spent once, but knowledge is gained forever. Today, I am proud to be a Harvard alumnus.”

With Harvard’s reputation as a leader in world-class education, McGilvrey has brought a new level of expertise and competence to attract new clients looking for a global and strategic digital marketer to transform their brand impact, conversions and bottom line.

Jeremy McGilverry Complete a Harvard degree while building a global company

Jeremy McGilfrey could finally call himself a Harvard graduate, but it wasn’t a feat that came without sacrifices. Earning the degree came with rigorous coursework with classes in Marketing Management and Fundamentals of Digital Strategy, including electives.

In these classes, McGilfrey continued his mastery of marketing fundamentals, digital marketing principles, leveraging marketing research design and data, and applying communication principles across subject areas.

Although Harvard required almost complete focus, McGilfrey was not only able to continue to run his highly reputable sales funnel and conversion-focused website business – he also grew his client base and completed a record number of successful projects that collected in hundreds Five star ratings.

Remarkably, Jeremy McGilfrey has balanced the requirements for a graduate degree with full-time work which often has a waiting list. The reason for extraordinary demand is simple: its ability to deliver results is second to none – especially in a world that tends to over-promise and under-deliver.

Jeremy McGilfrey sets a new standard in digital marketing with a rare money-back guarantee

Jeremy McGilvrey’s commitment to perfecting his craft and delivering ROI-driven websites that dramatically grow his client’s business makes him choose digital marketing business owners when they are ready to transform their digital presence.

One of the reasons McGilfrey continues to acquire skills and education as he did at Harvard is simple: He became frustrated with a common thread he heard when potential clients reached out to him: They were promised a world-class website or sales funnel, but something completely different was delivered.

Instead, he is committed to setting a new standard in digital marketing, based solely on performance, results and integrity, saying:

“There is a lot of smoke and mirrors in the world of online marketing. It is one of the reasons I am proud of the commitment and sacrifices I made to complete a graduate program at Harvard. I want to continue growing for my clients so that I can not only deliver the results they hired me to achieve – but exceed their expectations.” Every step of the way.”

To back up his claim, Jeremy McGilvrey offers his customers a rare guarantee: If the sales funnel or website he creates doesn’t make them money – he shouldn’t keep their interests. This kind of business integrity is exactly what sets him above the competition.

Jeremy McGilvrey’s 700+ reviews show his dedication to results

McGilfrey’s track record speaks for itself. To date, he has received four Two-Comma-Club Awards through ClickFunnels, authored two bestselling books, and was invited to co-write a chapter for ClickFunnels founder Russell Bronson – while contributing to publications such as Yahoo! Finance, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post.

With his recent achievement of Ivy League education as well as his commitment to personal and professional growth, Jeremy McGilvrey is the digital marketer to watch as one of the best in the world for creating tightly designed websites and sales funnels.

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