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Interactive Graphic Website Examples For Manufacturers

Interactive Graphic Website Examples For Manufacturers
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Content Marketing It is an essential component of any Industrial Marketing Plan. But let’s say you want to increase your engagement from the usual types of content marketing like blogs or e-books. In this case, you may want to consider supplementing your efforts with interactive graphic website examples.

Interactive graphics combine clickable content with animation, allowing users to discover information at their own pace. Manufacturers like this are highly shareable, receive more engagement, help with SEO, and increase qualified traffic. Some other benefits of interactive graphics on your website:

  • It can be used in almost any industrial industry, no matter how complex it is
  • It highlights the most important thing and helps you stand out from the competition
  • Keeps your potential customers and website visitors longer on the page

So how do you decide what topic you want to cover? You may find interactive graphic ideas hiding in many Different types of content You already have, like your website pages about the markets you serve or an overview of your company. The key is to design a graphic that is useful to your audience. Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and keep the following in mind:

  • Does the content answer frequently asked buyers questions?
  • Is this content appropriate to meet the challenges of my audience?
  • Is the content intended to solve buyers’ problems?

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Interactive graphic examples to promote your manufacturing company

For some content and design inspiration, we’ve rounded up our favorite interactive graphic examples on manufacturing websites.

1. Manor tool

Manor Tool is a metal stamping company that specializes in punching, bending, forming and deep drawing. They posted an interactive timeline on their About Us page to showcase innovative milestones through the company’s history.

See more examples: Who we are Page is essential for manufacturers

Manor Tool - An example of a manufacturer's interactive graphic website

2. fast glass

Swift Glass is a high quality glass parts manufacturer. They have a powerful capabilities tab on their website to educate buyers on their experience and help them select the best services for their needs. Their Thermal Glass Tempering page describes the processes with step-by-step animations.

Swift Glass - An example of a manufacturer's interactive graphic website

3. Rodon Group

Rodon set is a custom plastic injection molding machine. Their Resources tab provides a diverse library of information to buyers in various industries, and the Innovative Manufacturing Solutions page has been fully interactively designed to educate buyers about their manufacturing capabilities and expertise.

Rodon Group - An example of a manufacturer's interactive graphic websiteCase Study: Learn how the Rodon Group uses creative content to increase awareness and generate leads

4. Barbour Stockwell Incorporated

Barbour Stockwell specializes in the design, engineering and manufacturing of custom test stands. Their interactive infographic shows the various components and parts of a standard BSi Spin Tester.

Barbour - An example of an interactive graphic website for manufacturers

5. Ferroen Company

Ferroen is a leading manufacturer of insulation products for diesel and gas engines and exhaust systems. The Insulation Solutions tab on their website showcases a large number of products, applications, and solutions that they offer. The Removable Insulation Blankets page details the materials and component considerations that help the buyer better understand the manufacturing process and the quality of Ferwin’s work.

Firwin - An example of a manufacturer's interactive graphic website

Create new leads with the help of your new drawing

Manufacturers can use interactive graphics to complement other content on their website and help convert leads. But how can you attract more visitors to see your new artwork? Here are some tips to increase the value of your interactive drawing:

  • Promote it more: Share your drawing with a link on social media and promote it in a profile Email Marketing Campaign. Encourage your employees to share it with their network and your customers to share it with their team.

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  • Repurpose it: Your new drawing can be redirected to multiple content types that generate the same high performance as the original piece. Publish a series of blog posts that break down a portion of your drawing. Include a video highlighting the product to give site visitors a deeper insight into what you’re promoting. Videos are quickly becoming the most powerful and important component of a content marketing program. That’s because marketers who use video content make profits 49% faster than those who don’t use video content.

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“One of the core themes, in addition to commitments, of marketing in our B2B ecosystem is sharing our expertise,” said Jason Klein, Marketing Director of Consolidated Electronic Wire & Cable.. He emphasized that marketing strategy is not just about Consolidated Brands, it is about interacting with customers and potential customers through a myriad of useful methods of content.

“Our partners at Thomas help us develop useful content that can help people through the buying process in our industry. Whether you’re a first-year purchasing manager or an engineer for twenty-five years, we have the guidance to help you make informed decisions. This actually helps our business grow.”

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