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In-House Marketing vs. Agency – Which is Right for Your Business?

In-House Marketing vs. Agency - Which is Right for Your Business?
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Deciding when to invest in a new employee can be tricky, especially if your business is eager to grow but needs to be strategic in spending.

As an entrepreneur, I had to make decisions about when to hire, when to outsource, and when to hire freelancers. As a marketing professional, I advise potential clients and clients on the marketing resources that make the most sense for their current situation and ultimate goals.

The decision to approach inbound marketing versus an agency (or both – I’ve seen a lot of that too) depends on several factors, including your current strengths, short and long-term goals, and availability of resources.

When to use an internal resource

1. Your marketing efforts are working

If you have a lot of website traffic and manage to keep your sales pipeline full of qualified leads, then go for it! Do whatever you can to keep this marketing team happy and engaged.

But if you are reading this article, this is probably not the case.

However, even having a killer marketing team does not mean that you will also not benefit from partnering with an outside company. Sometimes highly competent B2B marketing teams partner with agencies at the forefront of a marketing strategy to improve their teams’ skills or test new strategies.

2. You have the money and resources to support additional employees

Some people, especially in a B2B organization or SaaS space, think that their product or industry is too complex to be outsourced. They would rather allocate marketing resources that spend all of their time learning how a company works versus an agency that typically matches multiple clients and industries.

If your company can afford to hire an internal resource (with salary and benefits) and allocate training and support resources, you may feel more comfortable with internal marketing versus agency.

However, it is usually one of the marketing resources not enough. Marketing requires a wide range of skills that you often don’t find in one person. And if you spend all of your time training one employee and that employee leaves, you will end up in square one.

3. You already have marketing experience

CEOs and founders often wear a lot of hats, and one of these hats in your company might say “Marketer Extraordinaire.” If you have previous experience with B2B order generation or content marketing, you may be able to quickly identify opportunities to improve your strategy.

However, there is a word of caution: B2B marketing requires a different strategy than B2C marketing. Previous experience in social media marketing, B2C marketing, SEO or other marketing strategies doesn’t always translate when you target B2B buyers within a complex buying cycle.

When in doubt, consulting with an outside agency can help you identify your weaknesses to ensure you hire a team member with the right skills.

When to hire a marketing agency

1. You need to grow fast

Generating results from marketing campaigns takes time, but it takes longer if you don’t know where to start.

Building and implementing an effective marketing strategy requires a lot of research, planning, and testing. There are plenty of B2B marketing tips online, but does any of them fit your company’s goals? Often not.

Marketing agencies have already done all of this work, and they can quickly come up with a plan. They have worked with companies like yours before and can immediately make recommendations on strategies that will help you achieve your goals.

At my agency, we always test new practices on ourselves first so that any recommendation comes from a place of experience. Effective marketing naturally requires some trial and error, but why spend your time (and money) starting from scratch when you can easily and affordably bring in the expertise of an entire marketing team?

2. You can’t stand mistakes

Hiring a team of experienced marketers to implement your strategy reduces the risk of something going wrong – sometimes disastrous. Best Marketing Agencies Must Stay informed of new trends and strategies for success.

When you interview agencies, ask them how often they offer new services and how they do it. Do they guess or drift? If so, this is not the agency for you.

Also, partnering with a third party reduces any risk that might affect your company if a customer or competitor challenges something in your content.

Start-ups and business-to-business start-ups in particular are at risk, so any steps you can take to mitigate these risks — even in your own marketing — can make building your business easier.

3. You want high-quality content without spending big

This is perhaps the most obvious reason why a B2B company should outsource their marketing. Outsourcing provides you with high-quality, results-driven marketing at a fraction of the price of a full in-house marketing team.

The true value of the marketing agency you partner with is the talent and experience you provide. With them, for a few thousand dollars a month, you can add a specialized team of marketers:

  • Strategic Marketing Program Manager
  • Industry-specific copywriter and conversion-oriented
  • Technology and data specialist
  • Brand conscious designer
  • Aharon!

Even with the most comprehensive agency agent, the cost is much less than paying a salary plus overhead for five employees. Many startups and large corporations (and even mature companies) simply cannot afford that many people on their payroll.

At Home vs. Agency: Choosing the Right Marketing Resource for You

I may run a marketing agency, but I realize that outsourcing may not always be the right option. Furthermore, agencies and all outsourcing options are not all the same; Every company deserves to find the solution that best suits their needs, whether it’s through inbound marketing options or agency options.

Don’t let hesitation leave marketing on the back burner. Whether you choose to outsource or outsource, your company branding should always be in the care of a marketing professional.

Do your research to explore the options available, and the weight of the investment (and potential return) that best suits your business.

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