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HUMAN Raises $100 Million In Growth Funding Round Led By WestCap and NightDragon

HUMAN Raises $100 Million In Growth Funding Round Led By WestCap and NightDragon
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New York–(work wire) – HUMAN Security, Inc. (formerly White Ops) – the global leader in collective protection against complex bot attacks and fraud – today announced a $100 million growth funding round led by WestCap with additional investment from NightDragon and other existing investors to support the company in its next phase of growth.

Today, HUMAN protects the world’s largest companies and Internet platforms from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud across the fields of application security, digital advertising, and performance marketing. In 2021, the company saw rapid adoption of its specialized bot mitigation platform on a global basis and saw its revenue growth rate double year on year.

“By investing in this growth from WestCap, NightDragon, and additional investors, we will expand our leadership position to build a safer and more humane internet,” said Tamer Hassan, co-founder and CEO of HUMAN. “Humans play to win through collective protection by human verification of 15 trillion interactions per week, enabling us to defeat attackers – and change the odds on the side of the good.”

77% of all cyber attacks rely on botnets. Cybercriminals with millions of sophisticated botnets at their disposal can send billions of fake requests to create fake accounts, take over accounts and commit credit card fraud, manipulate popularity and consensus, contaminate user data, defraud digital advertising and marketing campaigns, and snipe or online store merchandise. and services.

In a recent survey about holiday shopping with responses from more than 1,000 consumers, 53% of respondents said bots pose a threat to their holiday shopping plans, and 51% said they would shop with a different retailer if bots interfered with their customers’ experience. In a survey of enterprise security conducted by research and analyst group ESG, 90% of security leaders identified bot management as a fifth priority due to the severity and sophistication of attacks, and 65% believe that partnering with a bot specialist is the only way to protect themselves.

Kevin Marcus, Partner at WestCap, said: “Humans are tackling one of the most fundamental problems online today: preserving digital experiences as human. We believe they are in a unique position to disrupt the economics of cybercrime and prevent billions in losses.”

HUMAN’s state-of-the-art defense strategy enables cyber-scale and surveillance capability, superior detection technologies, hacker intelligence and takedowns. Examples include removing PARETO – the most complex CTV bot ever found – in collaboration with Roku and Google; 3ve disruption that brings together the FBI, Google, Facebook and many other companies in the industry; And the abolition of Mythub, who recently culminated in declaring himself the “king of fraud” responsible for the operation with 10 years in prison.

said Dave DeWalt, founder and managing director of NightDragon and vice president of Human Rights. “Since we have engaged with HUMAN over the past year, they have proven to us and the industry that they are in the best position to stop these threats by stopping attacks at the source.”

HUMAN solves weaknesses at the enterprise level with its product offerings:

  • MediaGuard for Ad Security – Protects digital media and ads from fraud and abuse within desktop, mobile and CTV environments ensuring reliable inventory and only human impressions for more effective advertising.

  • BotGuard for Apps – Protects sites and apps from digital fraud and abuse including account takeover attacks, new account fraud, fraudulent transactions and sensitive content detection, preventing costly fraud losses while maintaining user privacy and frictionless digital experiences.

  • BotGuard for Growth Marketing – Protects digital marketing investments from fraud and abuse including paid media, lead generation and retargeting, preventing fraudulent traffic from entering marketing platforms to ensure efficiency and increase ROI.

“HUMAN’s highly intelligent and extended signal aggregation technology helps its clients protect against a wide range of complex fraud types,” said Anthony Arnold, Managing Director of Goldman Sachs Asset Management. “Following this growing investment by WestCap in HUMAN, we look forward to working with them and our partners ClearSky and NightDragon to accelerate human expansion into new markets.”

To learn more about a human perspective on how this investment advances its mission, read this blog post from co-founder and CEO Tamer Hassan.

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HUMAN is a cybersecurity company that protects organizations and online platforms from sophisticated bot attacks and fraud to keep digital experiences human. Our state-of-the-art defense strategy enables cyber-scale and surveillance capability, superior detection techniques, hacker intelligence and removals that enable us to defeat attackers, and improve the digital experience of real humans. Today we humanize over 15 trillion interactions per week for some of the internet’s largest companies and platforms. Protect your digital business with HUMAN. to Know who the real one isVisit

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NightDragon is an investment and advisory firm focused on growth and lagging investments in the areas of cybersecurity, safety, security and privacy. Its extensive industry platform and network provides unparalleled insights into threats, deal flow, market leverage and operational expertise to drive corporate portfolio growth and increase shareholder value. The NightDragon team has over 25 years of operational and market experience and was founded by Dave DeWalt and Ken Gonzalez, who served as senior executives at leading technology companies such as Documentum, EMC, Siebel Systems (Oracle), McAfee, Mandiant, Avast and FireEye.

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