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How this Indore-based startup is enhancing creativity blended with value-driven digital services

How this Indore-based startup is enhancing creativity blended with value-driven digital services
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Back in 2019, when Sarthak Nahar, Sumil Jain, Ayush Vyas and Ankit Kochuh were in their last engineering year, they dreamed of transforming entrepreneurs by offering value-based creative strategies to their clients. They had a clear vision, as they wanted to solve an industry problem with effective creative solutions. And this is how Igniter was born. Creative Agency is a one-stop shop for comprehensive online marketing solutions.

Egniter’s suite of services includes SEO, SMM, SEM, content creation, web design and development, and email marketing, among others.

Helping brands with value-based digital strategies

The Indore-based startup operates as a value-driven digital strategy company whose customized services can help brands gain a competitive advantage. “Egniter is a creative agency where we connect brands to their target audience and help them bridge the communication gaps between the company and customers,” says Sarthak, one of the founders of Egniter.

Consider the example of launching a rocket into space. It requires a speed of 11 km / sec to take off from the Earth’s atmosphere. Likewise, our brands also require a similar type of payment in the form of marketing and branding strategies, to reach the peak. That’s how we ended up calling our company Egniter – we promote our clients’ business while helping them strengthen their presence in the market and enhance their reach to their audience,” explains Ankit.

Egniter believes in blending insights and strategies to create digital products for forward-thinking organizations, resulting in a wide range of branded services, marketing and development.

Looking back at the company’s early days, Sarthak says the team started with a few services, but soon realized that if they wanted to capture a larger market share, they would have to expand their services to explore new avenues like graphic design, video editing, animation, cinematography, photography. photographic. “We understood that by including singers, rappers, beatboxes, music producers, and content creators, we can achieve better results for our customers,” he adds.

While delving into the services offered by Egniter, the team says that the concept of social thinking is central to their website design. Explaining this, Ankit added, “We have added the phrase ‘social thinking’ to our website where brands and customers consider marketing a key exercise. However, at Egniter, we consider marketing a daily exercise, not a rocket science. We prefer bringing a brand into the social life of any Someone to make it stand out for the long term. India has a shortage of branding agencies, and most of them don’t realize the difference between marketing and branding. Thus, we want to be recognized as a branding agency, creating brands that have the potential to make an impact in the long run.”

While browsing the Egniter website, another interesting concept that catches one’s attention is the “Build Brands Between 1 AM to 3 AM” feature. When asked about it, Sommel explains the idea behind it. “Creativity through content is the main factor that drives startups or big companies. In general, our days are filled with meetings and daily routines. However, we often feel that our creativity manifests best between 1 am and 3 am. The mind is free to think and imagine, And this is how we build the best branding strategies.”

Egniter’s success can be attributed to a dedicated team of creative professionals who are always striving towards building a successful brand. Speaking about what sets Egniter apart, Sarthak says that the problem with most marketing agencies and brands is that they create monotonous content and end up prioritizing consistency over quality. “While we have a client on board, we care about the quality of content in an intangible way, in almost every aspect, whether it’s video, hiring people, promoting clients, etc., our creativity and quality content makes us stand out.”

The vision of four college students eventually turned into a successful brand. However, the path to success was not easy. Due to their inexperience, it took some time for the team to be able to convince people to believe in their work. “No company or client has been willing to invest in us. However, the COVID-19 pandemic has presented a unique opportunity for us as more brands are starting to explore options in digital marketing. We have had clients pour in. Now we have clients across multiple industries and that continues to be a factor. notable for our growth.”, says Ankit.

Target customers all over India

“We had a vision to grow in India, and a large portion of our client base includes Indian companies. Hence, the .in domain name was an obvious choice due to its authenticity and how it strengthened our association with the country. We wanted to instill all these sentiments into our brand,” Ankit says, while We explain why the team chose the .in domain name.

“We target customers across India, as we feel that certain brands need a good combination of marketing and branding strategies to explore global opportunities. Hence, the .in domain name extension has been of great help in targeting these customers,” added Sarthak.

Ankit also sees that startups/small companies can gain an advantage over big companies by choosing the .in domain, as it is easily available and cost effective.

National Internet Exchange for India (NIXI) helps many companies across the country to acquire .in or .Bharat domain. Businesses regardless of their size and scale can take advantage of the .in domain with the help of NIXI. It is affordable and can be availed in more than 22 languages ​​for companies coming from all regions of the country.

How Egniter Balances Growth and Revenue

We are a seasoned startup and we don’t have any money to raise. We started with a small client base, and for the first 8 months we were unable to generate any revenue. We got our first customer check after providing free services for eight months. Since then, we have seen tremendous growth over the past two years, up to nearly 240% compared to last year,” says Ankit.

Egniter has drawn several key figures as part of its clientele and would like to add more names in the future. “Currently, we have more than 18 team members, working either from the office or remotely. We are looking for talented professionals across India. And want to recruit more enthusiastic creative minds to work with a startup”

Dive into the company’s plans. Ankit has not ruled out expansion into other cities as part of Igniter’s vision. “We are also working to increase our sales and revenue numbers over the next six months,” Ankit says.

The ‘Shaping India Inc’s Online Growth’ series chronicles the journeys of startups and SMEs in India and how creating an online presence on the .in or .Bharat scale fueled their success stories.


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