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HireInfluence Recognized as Top Influencer Marketing Agency 2021

HireInfluence Recognized as Top Influencer Marketing Agency 2021
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HireInfluence has been ranked among the Best Digital Marketing Agencies of 2021, presented by The leading influencer marketing agency also won the Innovative Agency of the Year award at the recent US Agency Awards, presented by Don’t Panic – along with eight other prestigious awards in 2021.

HireInfluence has been at the forefront of the influencer marketing scene since its inception in 2011. This award confirms that HireInfluence remains a respected leader in an industry that is getting bigger and more competitive by the day.

“We pride ourselves on delivering results to our clients and that we are a game-changer in influencer marketing. HireInfluence Founder and General Manager Jason Bampell declared that being awarded Best Digital Marketing Agency 2021, and being named Best Innovative Agency of 2021, is a great honor and affirmation we give our clients .

As a full-service influencer marketing agency for over a decade, HireInfluence offers strategic content amplification, on-site demo promotions, and many other services to help brands achieve their marketing goals. HireInfluence is based on results at every level, whether it’s a one-time promotion or ongoing campaigns and event planning.

Influencer marketing is sweeping the marketing world as a way to reach audiences who are immune to traditional marketing techniques. HireInfluence is changing the game by facilitating brand partnerships between successful influencers and businesses. Leveraging a combination of innovation, experience, and knowledge, the HireInfluence team provides the skills, insights, and resources needed to make influencer marketing campaigns successful.

About HireInfluence

HireInfluence is an influencer marketing agency that specializes in brand partnerships and influencer campaigns that lead to results that exceed industry standards. With a range of best-in-class campaigns for some of the world’s most recognized brands, HireInfluence takes a customized approach to marketing strategies focused on engagement, metrics, and results.

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