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HealthBar, Deksia plan new shared headquarters in Grand Rapids

HealthBar, Deksia plan new shared headquarters in Grand Rapids
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grand cliffs – Health Bar LLC, a company that provides corporate and consumer healthcare services that include car clinics and telehealth, and collaborates with the Marketing Agency Dexia LLC In a new common premises.

The two companies expect to move in April to offices at 49 Coldbrook Street in the Monroe North neighborhood of Grand Rapids.

Each company will occupy 5,000 square feet in the building, which provides more room for both companies to grow.

HealthBar and Deksia each employ about 30 people. The two companies worked together to design the space.

“We are a fast-growing EOS – an entrepreneurial operating system – companies with similar values, focused on serving the business in our day-to-day work. HealthBar and Deksia both needed a space that would enable them to create space for themselves,” said Nathan Barr, founder and CEO of HealthBar, in a statement. It advances our growth, serves our employees and their families, and provides an opportunity for further outreach to the communities we serve.”

Barr said HealthBar plans to at least double its workforce in 2022.

At Deksia, Senior Partner Aaron VanderGalien expects revenue to grow 100 percent annually over the next three years and to double the company’s workforce.

“By working together to design this space, each of our teams sought to create an inclusive, employee-friendly environment that embraced and built on many of the environmental standards that West Michigan is known for in our office spaces,” said VanderGalien.

Pure ArchitectsAnd simplified constructionAnd Custer Corporate Environments Office And Nexus Technology Services We work with both companies to design and build the space.


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