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Gymbox highlights unique fitness classes with playful OOH billboards

Gymbox highlights unique fitness classes with playful OOH billboards
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London-based fitness chain Gymbox has unveiled a series of Original Out-of-Home (OOH) billboards to showcase its collection of unique classes.

The bold stickers, in collaboration with creative agency BMB, aim to celebrate the brand’s ethos of making life in the gym less predictable and more fun.

At first glance, the copy may seem confusing, but the headlines are meant to read like snippets of conversation that might happen at Gymbox by weaving into some of the quirky classes the fitness center offers including Drill Sergeant, Hangxiety, Suspenders, and Beastmode.

“Gymbox isn’t your typical gym — it has a sense of humor, for a start,” said Rory McEntee, Gymbox’s Director of Brand and Marketing.

“This hilarious campaign perfectly sums up the mischievous side of the brand. Featuring some of our most popular category names, these headlines won’t seem to be misplaced by any of our members. It’s fair to say [that] Some things only make sense at Gymbox.”

Media was purchased by the7stars and Jack Media for the campaign, which will also be supported by social media throughout the year.

“Everyone wants to learn a new language in January and we have a much more interesting language than conversational French,” said Matt Lever, chief creative officer at BMB. “Because when you speak Gymbox you become fluent in some of the most exciting and unusual exercise classes London has to offer.”


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