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Golden Globes Still On Despite Covid; No Celebs, No Guests, Livestream In Flux – Deadline

Golden Globes Still On Despite Covid; No Celebs, No Guests, Livestream In Flux – Deadline
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Updated with more offer details: The HFPA confirmed some details about the Golden Globes on Sunday. The group said there would be no red carpet or any media credentials for the show and that guests at Beverly Hilton should be masked and socially distanced.

The beleaguered organization also said Kyle Bowser, senior vice president of the NAACP’s Hollywood office, will discuss the “Reimagine Coalition,” a five-year joint initiative with the HFPA announced in October to increase diversity, equality and inclusion across the global entertainment industry.

Previous, 12:55 pm: The 79th Annual Golden Globes’ short and glossy-free Sunday party is still going on—but in what form is still unknown.

The controversy continues to falter with NBC not airing this year, HFPA event and dick clark productions racing behind closed doors to see what really happens at the Beverly Hilton Auditorium on January 9. No significant presence of celebrities. This shortage of highly sought-after talent will not result in no celebrity presenters, nominees, or even winners at the event.

The lack of A-list Hollywood celebrities should come as no surprise with the Globes still being boycotted for the most part by top PR actors. Despite accepting a number of studios and streaming companies to participate in this year’s Globes, despite the much publicized protests and condemnations of the HFPA previously, a stench of stench remains on the group and The Globes.

In fact, the 2022 Golden Globes will have neither media nor guests, except for representatives of organizations donated or supported by the Hollywood Association of Foreign Journalists over the years, Deadline learned. Individuals from those recipient groups are currently set to be the ones to announce the nominees and winners on Sunday night. Otherwise, the only people attending will be the executives and members of the HFPA. All attendees will be required to have a vaccination, booster and recent negative PCR Covid test.

After a year of constant scandal and stumbles, this year’s little globes may or may not be broadcast, we hear. In addition, it is still under discussion whether the winners will be announced through the social media channels of the Golden Globes when they are revealed at the ceremony. Sources tell us that everything is still being discussed among the HFPA’s senior leadership, just days before the event.

One thing that appears to have been set in stone is that at some point during the nearly 90-minute ceremony, HFPA’s head of diversity, Neil Phillips, will take the stage to detail the organization’s efforts to be more inclusive in both its growing membership and its approach to Hollywood designs and content. Perhaps the five-year deal the HFPA recently signed with the NAACP will play a role in Phillips’ bid.

Hollywood’s new chief diversity officer tells foreign journalists that the tainted group’s fixes aren’t “window decorating”; Commitments to industrial communication in a timely manner

Of course, with Covid cases breaking records daily due to the Omicron surge, all of this could change at any moment. Already, others like the Critics’ Choice Awards — which is also set for Sunday — have paused their festivities, and other live events like Sundance are in the process of reconsidering their options.

HFPA representatives had no comment on the form or scope of the celebration likely this weekend.

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