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Gen Z Sellers Are Reshaping the Vintage Market

Gen Z Sellers Are Reshaping the Vintage Market
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The cycle of fashion trends may seem to shift faster with each passing season, but it’s often crystal clear when a new, not-so-new aesthetic captures the moment. One of the biggest recent examples was the ’90s obsession with all things in the mid-2010s, which saw Marc Jacobs re-release his legendary ’92 grunge set in Perry Ellis and countless flashbacks during fast fashion. Now, without a doubt, Y2K is a moment of nostalgia that has taken root, specifically among Generation Z.

“Nostalgia for the year 2000 sells really well,” says SoHo-based founder of Funny Pretty Nice, Natalia Spotts. “The year 2000 had a lot of cool silhouettes that you can’t find now.”


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