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Flipdish orders up $100 million, now valued at $1.25 billion –

Flipdish orders up $100 million, now valued at $1.25 billion –
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Dublin-based Flipdish has raised $100 million in a Series C round, thereby becoming a card-carrying member of the unicorn club, with a valuation of $1.25 billion. The company serves the core force behind the hospitality industry’s digital ordering and marketing systems, i.e. via branded websites, apps or self-service kiosks. The Series C cycle will be used to continue the company’s global growth, putting the research and development department under the supervision of Al Frog, and adding new dishes to the menu including supporting hotels, stadiums, cinemas and airports. Since 2016, the company has raised nearly $154 million.

Founded by brothers Connor and James McCarthy in 2015, little did they know a boom in the business was looming just five years later. With the modest goal of helping the hospitality industry digitize, the company’s offering has been on high gear during the pandemic.

Now operating in 25 countries around the world including the US, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland and the UK, Flipdish has helped bring about one of the greatest returns ever: a QR code. Using this technology that has long been a solution looking for a problem, Flipdish has developed its services to include a QR code for ordering and payment at the table.

Along the way, listening to the market, Flipdish has developed a number of additional value added for the hospitality industry including online ordering for collection and delivery, self-service kiosks, customer loyalty programs, dark kitchen solutions, and digital marketing, all as more and more businesses aim to downsize The volume of intermediaries, such as Deliveroo, UberEats and the like.

In doing so, the Irish company has attracted sponsorship of major food brands including TGI Friday’s, White Castle, Dickey’s BBQ Pit and many more.

“Digital transformation has transformed the hospitality industry for years. Conor McCarthy, CEO of Flipdish, commented that the ongoing pandemic has accelerated this trend as hospitality companies increasingly rely on digital experiences to attract and retain customers.” More hospitality companies around the world to grow using best-in-class technology.”

Tencent and Tiger Global led Flipdish’s $100 million Series C round which has now joined former investors Elkstone, Enterprise Ireland, Growing Capital and European Investment Fund.

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