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Fort Lauderdale, Florida.And January 5 2022 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – In this week’s podcast on Social Geek Radio, Exults’ Zach Hoffman sits down with the marketing expert Jack Monson To discuss recruitment and human resources. Jack Monson He has been connecting franchisees with franchisees for over 15 years and reveals that staffing remains an ongoing problem for many organizations. These companies struggle to make their organization appear as an attractive employer to the public.

Both men share a passion for digital marketing and strive to help companies connect with potential job seekers. Hoffman shares several important tactics and tips for reaching these audiences, including building a positive brand image, using social media, and creating a private path of interaction with job candidates. They argue that the current generation of job candidates want to feel valued by the organization before they work for it.

Hoffman reveals that connecting with audiences on a personal level is one way to make consumers feel valued. There is stigma against many organizations due to negative media portrayals. Younger generations attach more importance to corporate values ​​and social responsibility. This means that it is important to shine a positive light on your organization and to share personal positive stories about current employees.

Social media remains the best way to reach consumers across all demographics. Companies should use social media to connect with potential job candidates and search for people who are similar to their current employee demographics. Other potential platforms include LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

Monson discusses that TikTok is expected to be a fun way to engage with audiences in 2022. However, Twitter is still the best way to reach the widest range of audiences. Use these outlets to share positive stories, information, and public relations.

They discuss the importance of creating a specific area for job seekers on your website. If organizations have the resources available, it is best to have a separate funnel for potential buyers and employees.

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