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Everyday Web launches with the aim to give entrepreneurs of color the digital tools to thrive

Everyday Web launches with the aim to give entrepreneurs of color the digital tools to thrive
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Black and brown entrepreneurs regularly deal with inequalities that make access to capital and other business resources more difficult.

As the pandemic forced more businesses online, small business owners without or access to tech skills were unable to easily fix their websites or switch to online offerings. But two local founders aim to change that.

every day web Founders Dan Jacob And Mario San Flor The digital agency launched earlier this year after noticing the number of companies of color affected by this rapid online transformation. They said many small businesses did not have a digital infrastructure to support e-commerce, putting their sustainability at risk.

Simply put, if you don’t have an online presence, your business probably won’t last very long,” Jacob told “The problem is that digital marketing agencies typically charge close to $10,000 for websites, e-commerce stores, and more. With new technologies like web streaming and optimized operations, we create websites, e-commerce stores and more at a fraction of the cost. This helps small business owners access high-quality services that grow their business online.”

The Everyday Web suite of technologies consists of tools used by other digital agencies such as WordPressand Webflow and Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix “And good old custom code.” It also gives customers the ability to connect multiple platforms – e-commerce sites, Instagram pages, Shopify storefronts – for more seamless ways to grow their business and generate sales. Services start around $300 for basic social media marketing, and run a few thousand dollars for custom websites and e-commerce platforms.

Jacob and Saint-Flour worked as freelance web designers before meeting at Venture Café at the University City Science Center Event. The couple became quick friends about common interests, realized as independent employees, and both had difficulties explaining the costs of their services to clients and managing those relationships. They said that building an agency together seemed like a natural decision that would allow them to provide services at more flexible rates.

And as founders of color, the couple felt a unique connection to its user base. They had never seen anyone in digital marketing who looked like them, and they thought no one was building them.

“We have learned that most people in our communities are unable to access high-quality digital services or do not see the value of investing in their digital presence,” Jacob said. “We think there is a huge disconnect between digital marketing agencies and small businesses.”

Ultimately, Jacob said he plans for Everyday Web to be the primary digital marketing service for entrepreneurs of color in Philadelphia and around the world. As the platform develops further, users will be able to order a website or e-commerce store and add specific digital resources, such as booking or reservation tools. The founders said there is flexibility to add new integrations and tools as it increases its online presence.

“We don’t just build websites, we help our customers realize that the web is a powerful place to grow your business,” Jacob said.

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