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—™ is the leader, with nearly 18 million visits to the site, with users consuming nearly 6.5 million videos on the site—

Radar continues to chart the path most publishers dream of.”

— Melissa Cronin, EMG President and Chief Operating Officer

New York, NY, US, January 5, 2022 / – Empire Media Group, Inc. (“EMG” or the “Company”), a dynamic, privately owned global media conglomerate of knowledge-based brands The Entertainment Network, the creator of cross-platform content experiences, today announced record traffic for the Entertainment Network in December 2021, with More than 43 million visits to their sites.

At a time of declining engagement and traffic across the competitive pool, audiences of™,™, Front Page Detectives™, The Royal Observer™ and Morning Honey™ have consumed more than 101 million page-views.™ has outperformed its sister site™, with 17.8 million sessions (12.72% increase month over month) compared to OK! of 17.6 million sessions (33% increase month-on-month). OK! 9.1 million video views were recorded on the site in December alone.

Of the total audience audience, 30.95% were first-time visitors to the site; 9.87% of the total audience of the radar were new users.

Both are record highs for™ and™ since EMG acquired the brands in 2021 and 2020, respectively. The noteworthy traffic numbers also exceed the traffic numbers for many years under previous ownership.

“Radar continues to chart the path most publishers dream of. As a former editor-in-chief of the site, I was thrilled to see the brand return to its former glory and reach new heights under the leadership of Editor-in-Chief Ryan Naumann. “Radar has One of the most influential, loyal, and engaged audiences in the world, and for good reason.”

“Our unique blend of exclusive global reporting and ‘new wit’, along with telling long, compelling stories about Hollywood and pop culture, has once again dominated the celebrity conversation. While other celebrity websites fade away, the radar is only getting more dynamic.” .

Features published in December included “The Snake Room’s Last Call: The Secret History of America’s Most Famous—and Damn—Rock Dive Bar.” Reporter Nick Harding has revealed new leads in one of Hollywood’s most baffling cases, exonerating movie star Johnny Depp from a decades-old plot he plotted to kill a rival.

Radar also investigated “Millionaire Nuns On The Run,” a wild investigation of eight Catholic nuns who secretly sold their convent to become instant millionaires, leading to a chain of events that included a love triangle, the betrayal of the man who helped them escape, a child abuse scandal , a fierce judicial battle and a vengeful bishop brought down by his sins.

“Throughout this period of growth and acceleration, Radar has consistently shown why it is a must-read for obsessed pop culture,” said Mr. Naumann. “Last week alone, with the passing of Betty White, we have been able to draw on nearly 20 years of archive reporting to provide the most comprehensive and detailed coverage of the death of a true Hollywood pioneer.”

Radar also provided hammer coverage of the Ghislaine Maxwell trial, seven years after Radar was the first to bring Jeffrey Epstein’s case to the national conversation in 2014.

Ms. Cronin also highlighted the growth of startup websites EMG, which recorded 3.3 million visits under editor-in-chief Alex Lange, and, which has grown to 2.5 million visitors under editor-in-chief Jacqueline Roth. The Royal Observer™ takes you beyond high walls, gilded gates and palace facades and into the heart of the most famous families alive, while Front Page Detectives™ is a modern interpretation of the defunct true crime magazine of the same name published between 1924 and 1995.

EMG’s numbers ran counter to a recent report that showed a sharp decline in engagement with news content last year compared to 2020. Various metrics shown in the report showed content popularity waning, specifically with website visits to top-performing news sites in the US tracked by a similar company. In the first 11 months of 2021 it fell 8%.

About Empire Media Group, Inc:

Empire Media Group, Inc. (EMG) is the new media landscape, where bold and reliable content meets innovative delivery for enthusiastic audiences. A multi-platform, award-winning, next-generation media company, EMG boasts a strong portfolio of assets serving a highly engaged audience through a rich array of content delivery mechanisms: from magazines, live events, and digital media to video, television, audio, book publishing and more. EMG’s portfolio of 13 luxury brands makes it one of the world’s largest and most diversified modern media conglomerates, with market share in entertainment, fashion, beauty, luxury, travel and specialty consumer titles. At EMG, we don’t just serve readers; We serve users. EMG divisions include television and film production company Mystify Studios, podcast studio Audology, literary publisher Harland & Wolff Publishing, marketing firm Elevate Strategic, EMG Ventures, and the nonprofit Institute for Healthy Media Minds, which focus on creating a positive culture of mental health through journalism. media and public relations industries. With these six distinct business units united under a mandate to excel in content quality and innovation, EMG is a 360-degree media company that prepares for the future – extending storytelling to virtual and augmented reality, programming, e-commerce, immersive events, branded content, and innovative and non-advertising advertising solutions. that.

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