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Elevato acquires Scottsdale-based Markitors – AZ Big Media

Elevato acquires Scottsdale-based Markitors - AZ Big Media
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Elevato, the digital agency dealing with “All Things Web,” today announced that it has agreed to acquire Markitors, a leading search engine optimization agency to grow small and medium businesses in the market. The acquisition of Markitors advances Elevato’s mission and strategy to create beautiful and powerful digital solutions.

Together, Elevato and Markitors will realize the vision of a one-stop shop for small and medium-sized businesses in the marketplace, allowing them to publish their businesses online, market their products and services, host their websites, leverage multimedia, and grow their business. Fulfilling the promise of ‘Be Happier’, SMBs will have the ability to combine SEO services from Markitors with Elevato’s full range of services to connect with their customers online.

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We focus on being ‘everything web’. “Together, Markitors and Elevato will help solve the biggest impediment to SME growth in the market, and connect with potential customers,” said Jake Schaeffer, CEO of Elevato. “Expanding our agency to be experts in organic research helps our clients grow their businesses sustainably and predictably. The addition of Markitors advances our vision to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions to help our clients grow and run their businesses.”

Markitors bring Elevato technology and SEO expertise to expand customer reach. Founded in Scottsdale, Arizona in 2011, Markitors began ranking on the front page for the term “digital marketing company” and has evolved into a trusted SEO agency.

• Global access to over 1 billion search impressions from organic search results

• Served more than 500 small business clients. With 50 percent of customers within Arizona

• Winner of the “Best Place to Work” award and recently named in the Clutch 1000, given to the top 1% of digital marketing agencies

“Over the past decade, we have strived to make Markitors the most resourceful and SEO-friendly company for small businesses,” said Brett Varmello, CEO and founder of Markitors. “With Elevato, we have found a shared passion to help small businesses grow. By joining Elevato, Markitors will be able to offer services like PPC, email marketing, and social media to deliver better results for the small businesses we serve. This is an exciting new chapter for Markitors, our team, and our customers. “.

Elevato and Markitors have always worked to solve the biggest challenges for small and medium businesses in the market. Nearly half of small businesses go out of business within five years of starting a business, and the biggest challenge is finding new customers. Collectively, this challenge creates barriers to the success of small and medium businesses that Evolve’s acquisition of Markitors will help solve.

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Elevato is a digital agency that helps businesses scale through everything related to the web. Serving nearly 500 customers, Elevato creates impressive and powerful digital solutions for every need, including engineering, marketing, design, hosting and multimedia. With over 35 years in business and handling $442 million in e-commerce revenue, Elevato is constantly working to help customers “be happier.” Please visit To learn more.

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Marketers It is a search engine optimization company for small businesses. Markitors services connect small businesses with customers through content, digital PR, and technical SEO services. Founded in 2011 and headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Markitors has been voted Best Place to Work multiple times by Business Journal, Best CompaniesAZ, and more. Find Marketers in cling.

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