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PeddleWeb Announces Advanced Digital Marketing Services for Global Businesses in 2022
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Ahmedabad, India, January 15, 2022 -( – PeddleWeb, one of India’s leading e-commerce SEO services provider, has announced e-commerce SEO services for online retailers and businesses.

The e-commerce industry has revolutionized the way you shop. It enables customers to shop in the comfort and safety of their homes. For this reason, the sector has recorded tremendous growth, especially in recent years, and has seen the entry of many new players. You made the space very competitive and aggressive.

To stay ahead of the competition, an online retailer not only needs to deal with quality products or services but also needs to invest time and resources in marketing and promotion. PeddleWeb aims to provide SEO services for e-commerce and its e-commerce clients.

As part of your e-commerce SEO services for online retailers or e-retailers, PeddleWeb will take care of the following:

Comprehensive Requirements Analysis: Your internet marketing company will customize your SEO solutions by performing a comprehensive e-commerce business requirement analysis.

Website Audit and Keyword Analysis: Your SEO provider will conduct a full audit, analyze keywords, and use careful strategies to enhance searchability and visibility of your e-commerce site.

Brand Management: The SEO company will create and maintain brand awareness among the target audience through various online activities.

On-page and off-page optimization: The agency will perform on-page and off-page SEO activities to enhance brand awareness and customer engagement.

Paid Marketing: The company will also use paid marketing services to create buzz around the business and raise awareness.

Social Media Marketing: An e-commerce SEO provider will be involved in promoting online marketplaces on select social media platforms to help e-merchants get customers.

Speaking about the launch of SEO services for e-commerce, the spokesperson for the digital marketing company said, “At PeddleWeb, we are pleased to offer e-commerce SEO services to online retailers. Hereby, our team of digital marketing professionals will work for Close with e-commerce companies and provide them with a wide range of e-commerce SEO services to boost their online presence and drive traffic to their e-commerce site.

He added, “Our team will use a multi-pronged approach to enhance the digital presence of our e-commerce customers. The first step will be to organize a plan to enhance brand recognition based on the results. The second step is to conduct a competitor analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the e-commerce platform. Next, he will identify The team will have strategies to improve the searchability and visibility of the e-commerce website. Specific digital marketing activities will be assigned to each team. After performing the tasks, the team will analyze the performance and measure the results.”

He concluded, “We have some of the most reputable e-commerce companies in India as well as offshore companies as our clients. The best part of our career journey is helping them achieve the desired results and enabling them to reach more clients. Now that we have built the capabilities, we are looking forward to collaborating with more clients.” e-retailers and helping them reach new heights.”

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PeddleWeb is one of the fastest growing e-commerce SEO service providers in India. The company designed its e-commerce search engine optimization (SEO) services to generate high traffic to e-commerce sites and increase sales and revenue.

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