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Drew University Business Students Build Websites in Digital Marketing Course

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Drew University business students build websites in a digital marketing course

Classroom projects are based on brand ideas

December 2021 – Students enrolled in the Drew University Digital Marketing course Create their own WordPress sites around a brand or company idea as part of a semester-long project.

Twenty-five students in the course, taken as part of Drew’s new Marketing major, also created a social media strategy, a Social+ plan for community building, and a targeted email campaign around their website concepts.

Through the university’s participation in The individual’s domain The program, students were allowed one free domain and web hosting package while at Drew, which provided the in-house tools to go directly to their projects. Students used key marketing concepts such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media strategy, content creation, and marketing analytics to inform their final projects.

For many students, the challenge of building a website from scratch presented a unique opportunity to delve into an area of ​​personal interest or pursue a passionate project. Here are some of the salient points:

Matthew Agudelo C24pixel quality

Required Qualification: Finance | Project Title:

Matt chose to feature his brother’s photos and created a website that showcases stunning photos that reflect his brother’s diverse portfolio. “I wanted the website to mean something. I didn’t want the website to be just a school project,” he said during his last presentation. The images included glimpses of Matt at Drew’s football stadium, the Brooklyn Bridge, and the New York City skyline. Matt runs the website and marketing efforts and the Quality Pixels social channels.

Samantha Haas C 25SJH تسويق Marketing

Specialization: Unspecified | Project Title:

Samantha, a talented musician, has designed a website around a concept company, Musical Marketing, one of the companies that will be part of SJH Marketing. Music marketing will help freelance artists market their music and help aspiring artists improve their skills so that they can break into the music industry. Music Marketing offers group classes at a different level as well as individual courses in songwriting, composition, production, release and marketing.

Nicholas Panarin C23Nick’s blog

Specialization: Marketing | Project Title:

Nick was born and raised in Vladivostok, Russia, where he developed a passion for hockey. Nick, a part-time professional esports player on the Prodigy Esports team, has created a blog about hockey and video games with the hope that it will be a space where people can discuss and learn more about his passion. His first two blogs highlight the start of the 2021 National Hockey League season. Nick was already active on Discord, Twitch, and Twitter, and wanted to create a website that could grow into an active and enthusiastic community. He has added a comment option after each of his blogs to encourage discussion and questions by site visitors.

Autumn Scarcella C’22Fitness with Aut

Majors: Business and Psychology | Project Title:

Autumn has created a concept website inspired by her fitness journey, which she started in earnest at the beginning of the pandemic. Not sure where to start or what to do, I thought others might face some of the same challenges I did. In addition to a fitness blog, motivational reminders, and high-quality customized exercise plans, the “Fitness with Aut” website includes a forum for creating a welcoming and inclusive community that values ​​a fitness-oriented lifestyle.

Ethan Trent C24legendary skateboard

Specialization: Business | Project Title:

Ethan grew up skateboarding and created a concept website for skateboard enthusiasts and other artists hoping to showcase their unique designs on skateboard decks at Mythic Skateboard. In the site’s FAQ section, Ethan posts about how artists submit samples of work for consideration and inquire about working with the company. Mythic Skateboard, a family-run business, strives to “make the hobby and sport of skateboarding accessible to all” while supporting young artists.

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