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Dragish arrives in Canfield mayor’s seat via marketing, advertising route | News, Sports, Jobs

Dragish arrives in Canfield mayor’s seat via marketing, advertising route | News, Sports, Jobs
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Don Drugache sits in the office of Mayor of Canfield, who was sworn in for his first term on Jan. 5. He said he’s eager to start moving the city in the right direction in 2022. He previously served on Canfield City Council.

CANFIELD – The city has a new mayor.

Mahoning County Joint Court of Appeals R. Dragish replaced Mayor Richard Duvett, who chose not to run for re-election.

For Dragesh, politics was far from his plans when he finished his studies. He grew up in the West Side of Youngstown and attended Ursuline High School and graduated in 1991. He went on to attend Youngstown State University where he earned his degree in Design, Marketing and Advertising.

“My first job was at Ski Limited at Boardman,” said Draghesh. “I was designing catalogs for businesses.”

Each year, he said, the company will send out two million catalogs. That all changed in the year 2000 with the explosion of the internet and people starting to buy online. Draghesh said he had to convert the catalog he helped design and make it electronic.

“In the first month, we made $30,000 in online sales,” he said. “Plus we had lower printing costs.”

After five years with Ski Limited, Dragish moved to the Cafaro Company. He said he is in charge of marketing and building websites for 16 malls in Cavaro. He also worked with Cavaro’s real estate department, and helped with concerts at Eastwood Field. He stayed with Cavaro for five years before moving on.

He spent three years at Prodigal Media, then decided to open his own business called Adtronico, which was perfectly in line with his advertising and sales skills. He said he continued to work while working for BJ Alan for several seasons.

Around 2011, Dragish moved to Canfield and with his new bride, Tasha Dragish, started a family when his son George was born.

When he moved to Canfield, he consolidated his business and renamed it Dragish Marketing. As a resident of Canfield, Dragish wanted to get more involved in the community, so he joined Canfield Rotary. He learned a lot about the city, and said that at a Rotary meeting he was urged to get involved in local politics.

In 2012, he said, voters approved amendments to the constitution that reduced the terms of parliament members from four years to two years. This meant that in 2014, the late councilman Andy Scroppola had to step down early, and the seat needed to be filled.

“A lot of people in Rotary said I should run for office,” Dragesh said. “I ran and was not in opposition.”

From 2014 until 2018, Dargish served as a council member, with the last three years as council president. It was able to be part of Mahoning County’s first Joint Economic Development Zone (JEDD) when the JEDD Windsor City Partnership was completed.

“The four years I worked as a council member was a good experience,” he said. “I learned a lot about our city, what it is about and what makes it work.”

He also served at a time when cities were stuck in a difficult financial situation. Government cuts to entities like Canfield sent council members scrambling to meet the city’s needs.

“We had nothing (from the state) and it was difficult to work without money,” Dargish said. “That’s when we really pushed the issue of expanding the city and annexing the Red Gate property owned by the city.”

During his time on the council, he added to his family when his daughter Genevieve was born.

Towards the end of his term, Dargash dropped his seat in the council and decided to run for mayor. Then Mayor Bernie Cosar announced that he was stepping down, and Richard Duvett also threw his hat in the ring and won the election.

Four years later, when Duvet decided to step down and Dragish decided to run again, he was elected. He formally took office on January 5 prior to the first meeting of the Board in 2022. Judge R Scott Kirishbaum of the Mahoning County General Court of Appeals issued the oath of office.

Dragish will have to take a private lesson in running the mayor’s court before he can put on the robe and deal with cases.

As for the future, he said he loves Canfield and thinks it’s a great and safe place to raise a family.

“Canfield is better than it was 10 years ago,” he said. “We have a great community, and people want to move here. I think we as a council can do a lot more than that. We will be able to do some really cool things in the coming months.”

Dragish is a loyal and hard-working person, but he has two passions that allow him to relax and be creative. One is a passion for golf, the other is cooking.

He said, “I love to cook.” “Anything from backyard barbecues to Sunday dinners. Over the years, my friends and I would get together at soccer matches or other gatherings, and we had just started cooking. Now I enjoy doing it.”

His father, Don Dragish Sr., served as a police officer in Youngstown for 30 years and as a federal deputy marshal for 25 years. Don Sr. attended the swearing-in ceremony and said he was proud of his son.

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