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Dow Jones Rallies As Tesla Surges 10% On Deliveries; Chinese EV Stocks Mixed

Dow Jones Rallies As Tesla Surges 10% On Deliveries; Chinese EV Stocks Mixed
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The Dow Jones Industrial Average briefly rose 125 points on Monday, as the stock market rally looked to start 2022 on a positive note. Tesla stock is up 10% in explosive deliveries. Chinese electric vehicle leaders Li Auto, Nio and Xpeng Motors also announced strong deliveries over the weekend.


Among the leaders of Dow Jones, An apple On Monday, AAPL stock rose 1.7%, while Microsoft (MSFT) is down 0.4% in the stock market today. Also among the Dow 30, Home Depot (HD) continues to bounce off the support, while nike (NKE) aims to restore a key level.

electric car leader Tesla (TSLA) is up 10% on Monday. Competition , Rivian (RIVN), down more than 2%. Lucid Group (LCID) jumped about 2%. Chinese electric car leaders Lee Otto (In the), New (NIO) and Exping Motors (XPEV) was sharply mixed on Monday morning after December sales reports over the weekend.

Among Monday’s top stocks to buy and watch, Applied materials (AMAT), datadog (dog), fortinet (FTNT), Huntsman (HUN) and icon (ICLR) in or near new buying areas.

Icon, Microsoft, and Tesla are IBD Leaderboard shares. Datadog is the leader of the IPO. Fortinet appeared in the stock column near the buy zone last week. Applied Materials is the stock of IBD SwingTrader. Huntsman was Wednesday’s stockpile of the IBD.

Dow Jones today

After the stock market opened on Monday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 0.15%, while the S&P 500 gained 0.2%. The Nasdaq rose 0.4% in morning trading.

Among the exchange-traded funds, the Nasdaq 100 Index tracking the Invesco QQQ Trust (QQQ) is up 0.1% Monday, while the SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY) is up 0.1%. Chip stocks were strong Monday morning, with the iShares Semiconductor ETF (SOXX) up 1%. Giant chip Taiwan Semiconductor Shares of TSM rose about 4% on Monday.

Elsewhere, the 10-year Treasury yield rose near 1.59% on Monday morning, after falling to nearly 1.51% on Friday.

Standards in Frankfurt and Paris rose more than 1% near midday in post-holiday light trade. Markets in London, Tokyo and Shanghai remained closed for the holiday.

ETF strategy in the stock market and how to invest

stock market rise

The stock market closed 2021 with a weak light movement on Friday. This extended the streak of losses for the tech Nasdaq Composite Index to four sessions. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard & Poor’s 500 fell for the second day in a row.

Despite the weakness, the market outlook remains in a “certain uptrend”. This gives investors the green light to buy the top-rated growth stocks that have crossed the correct buyout points.

The Big Picture released Friday commented, “Investors should be wise as the new year rolls in, but there is reason to be optimistic. History shows that when the S&P 500 gains 20% or more in a calendar year, it averages 7.7% gains. The following year, according to Dow Jones market data.In addition, the average return for the following year is a gain of 10.2%.

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Stock market predictions for 2022 from IBD

Dow Jones stocks to watch: Home Depot, Nike

Home Depot stock advanced 1.2% on Friday, nearing a record high. Home Depot was the No. 1 Dow Jones performer in 2021, up 56.2% over the year. (Dow Jones was No. 2 Microsoft Corp., up 51.2%.) Shares of HD rose 0.1% Monday.

Leading retailer Nike in Dow Jones is tracking a new flat base with a buy point at 179.20, according to IBD MarketSmith chart analysis. Stocks fell further below the 50-day line during Friday’s 0.5% decline, as they struggle to move decisively above that resistance. Nike shares gained 0.4% on Monday.

Four growth stocks to watch in the current stock market rally

Stocks to buy and watch: Applied Materials, Datadog, Fortinet

IBD SwingTrader Applied Materials stock fell below 159.10 buying points in a flat base during Friday’s loss of 0.4%. The initial hack occurred at a low volume, but it stayed on. Look for a volume increase of at least 40% if and when the stock regains its buying point. The 5% purchase area comes to 167.06. Applied shares rose 1.1% on Monday.

IPO leader Datadog is approaching 199.78 cup base purchase points. Meanwhile, resistance around the 186 level could provide the price with an early entry for aggressive investors. Shares lost 0.5% on Friday, falling back to their main 50-day moving average. DDOG shares rose 1% on Monday.

Leading cybersecurity firm Fortinet remains in 5% buying territory above 355.45 buying points in a consolidation despite Friday’s 0.1% loss. Buying area topping at 373.22. To the upside, the stock’s relative strength line hit a new high on the day of the breakout, confirming that the stock is a market leader. The RS line measures the stock price’s performance against the S&P 500 index. Shares of Fortinet are up 0.3% on Monday.

The IBD Leaderboard stock symbol remains in a buying range beyond the 301.82 buy point in a consolidation process, according to IBD MarketSmith chart analysis, following the breakout move on Dec. The 5% buying zone extends to 316.91. According to the leaderboard’s comment, Icon also removed resistance around 290, which was an early entry. The stock rose 0.3 percent early on Monday.

Wednesday’s IBD stock, Huntsman, is still in a buying range beyond 34.57 flat entry points after Friday’s 0.35% gain. Buying range rises 5% to 36.30. HUN 89 stock IBD 99 rating shows the ideal compound, according to IBD Stock Check. Huntsman stock is up 1.4% on Monday.

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Electric Vehicle Stock: Li Auto, Nio, Xpeng, Lucid Motors, Rivian

Over the weekend, Chinese electric vehicle leaders Li Auto, Nio and Xpeng Motors announced their December deliveries.

Li Auto delivered 14,087 Li One hybrid SUVs in December, up 130% year over year. Deliveries in the fourth quarter reached 35,221, above its target of 30,000-32,000 and 25,116 in the third quarter. The stock is down nearly 1% on Monday.

LI stock continues to run on a new base, after launching a 7%-8% cut-loss base selling below the 34.93-buying point of a teacup base with a handle in early December. Stocks rose above the 50-day moving average last week, which is a bullish price move as the stock looks to build the right side of a new base.

Nio delivered 10,489 vehicles, up 49.7% year over year, but down slightly from November’s 10,878. NIO stock is up about 2% on Monday. On Friday, stocks closed about 53% from their 52-week highs and sharply below the 50 and 200-day moving averages.

Xpeng’s shipments rose 181% to 16,000 vehicles last month, a new record after November of 15,613 vehicles. Shares fell more than 2% on Monday.

XPEV stock activated a round-trip sell signal from a 48.08 buy point during the sharp sell-off in early December. Xpeng shares broke through resistance around the major 50-day moving average on Thursday, jumping 10%. There is no valid buy point yet, but Thursday’s action was a step in the right direction.

Among US-based electric vehicle stocks, Lucid Motors shares rose about 2% on Monday, looking to recover from Friday’s 1.8% decline. LCID’s stock kept extending past 28.49 buying points at the base of a cup with a handle, but the huge gains faded. Stocks are preparing for another attempt to reclaim the 50-day streak, which would be a positive for stock consolidation.

Rivian’s latest initial public offering fell more than 2% on Monday, on track to boost Friday’s 0.3% gain. RIVN shares closed on Friday about 42% from their post-IPO highs. Keep waiting for your IPO base to form before considering a purchase. The recent sharp losses are a major setback in the stock establishment process and there is no new buying point looming.

Top 5 Dow Jones stocks to watch right now

Tesla Stock

Tesla stock is up 10% on Monday, looking to pick up a four-day losing streak. On Sunday, Tesla deliveries totaled 308,600 in the fourth quarter. This included 296,850 Model 3 and Y vehicles and 11,750 luxury Model S and X electric vehicles. For the full year, Tesla said annual vehicle deliveries rose 97% in 2021, delivering 936,172 vehicles.

Early Monday, Tesla shares rose above 1,119.10 buying points. The point to buy depends on a combination of factors – the stock is bouncing off the 50-day support and cutting above the downward sloping trend line. A buy zone of 10% will reach 1,162.46.

There is also an alternative buy point, based on the sell indicator, at 1,119.10. This buying area extends to 1175.06.

The shares traded as high as 1243.49 on November 4, but the stock closed on Friday about 15% from its 52-week high.

Dow Jones Leaders: Apple and Microsoft

Among Dow Jones stocks, Apple stock closed down 0.35% on Friday, but remained about 16% above the 153.27 buy point from the base of a cup with a handle, according to IBD MarketSmith chart analysis, and close to a 20%-25% gain – taking the level. AAPL shares were up 1.7% Monday.

Software leader Microsoft has decisively regained the 50-day streak in recent weeks, with top Dow Jones nearing the 349.77 buy point of the flat base with an early entry at 343.89. Shares fell 0.4% Monday, adding to Friday’s 0.6% drop.

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