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Djokovic investigated by Australian Border Force – latest news

Djokovic investigated by Australian Border Force - latest news
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Novak Djokovic wins appeal against deportation from Australia

Novak Djokovic is free to enter Australia after winning his battle with the country’s government over his visa – for now at least. Immigration Minister Alex Hawke is still studying the possibility of a “personal force to cancel”, a move that could last for several days as the Serbian star looks to prepare to compete for the Australian Open.

His parents were outspoken during the course of the appeal, with his father claiming the victory of human rights and free speech in a “young man from a small poor country” defeating “big and strong people” in the courts. Meanwhile, Djokovic’s mother compared his treatment to “torture and harassment”.

However, none of his family chose to answer questions about the tennis star’s positive Covid result from December, ending a press conference when the matter came to light on Monday. Court documents show that Djokovic tested positive on December 16, but the next day he was apparently photographed in public without a mask and in the presence of children. Follow the latest news and reactions from Djokovic’s hearing below.


Question about the event Djokovic attended

Djokovic says he tested positive on December 16 and has documented evidence to support his claim. However, as soon as this became known to the public, many indicated that he attended an event on December 17 and did not have a mask.

He was also photographed with young fans at the event and many want to know if he realizes he was positive at the time. When his family was asked about it on Monday at their press conference, they refused to answer the question.

Djokovic has yet to respond to questions regarding the event.

Sarah RendellJanuary 11 2022 12:00


Djokovic to face more questions

As part of his entry into Australia, Djokovic said he had not traveled anywhere before heading to the country.

However, the footage appears to show Djokovic training at a training camp in southern Spain on December 31, which would raise questions about Djokovic’s claim that he did not travel before traveling to Australia on January 4.

On his ATD form, which Djokovic’s legal team filed in court, the answer “No” was selected under the question: “Have you traveled, or will you travel, within the 14 days prior to your trip to Australia?”

Under the question there is a note stating that “giving false or misleading information is a serious crime. You may also be liable to a civil penalty for providing false or misleading information.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 11:50


Stakhovsky rubbish “uncomfortable” rumors

Ukrainian tennis star Sergei Stakovsky has denied suggestions that he was “uncomfortable” when Djokovic went to the gym with other players.

Reports earlier today indicated that Djokovic’s teammates stared at him as he continued to prepare for the Australian Open. But Stakhovsky said that was not the case.

he tweeted; “Total PS..was preparing for my match in the same gym. Looking for better gossip.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 11:40


Wimbledon quarter-finalist says Novak Djokovic has no right to be in Australia

Wimbledon quarter-finalist Marton Vosovic responded to Novak Djokovic’s exemption from vaccination by saying he did not believe the Serbian had the right to play in the Australian Open.

Speaking to Hungarian outlet M4Sport, Marton Fukowicz said: “People’s health is of paramount importance, and there are rules that were set out months ago, that everyone should vaccinate themselves – and Djokovic didn’t.

“From that point of view, I don’t think he would have the right to be here.”

The Hungarian world number 38, who lost to Djokovic in the quarter-finals at Wimbledon last year and at the Paris Masters in November, said he was not the only one who thought it was unfair for Djokovic to play in a slam gram despite not being vaccinated.

Jack RathburnJan 11 2022 11:30


Tomic hits the Australian Open test

Bernard Tomic believes he will contract Covid in the next few days and has blamed tests at the Australian Open.

Tomic, who lost his playoffs, spoke to a referee mid-match and bet he would catch the virus. “I’m sure the test results will be positive in the next couple of days, and I’m telling you that,” Tomic said. “I’ll buy you dinner if you don’t test positive in three days. Otherwise, you’ll buy me dinner.”

“I can’t believe no one is getting tested. They let the players into the stadium with quick tests in their room. Come on. There is no official PCR test.”

Read the full story here:

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 11:15


Vorakova hopes Djokovic can play

Her visa, Renata Vorakova, was also canceled after entering Australia because she came to the country in a similar exemption to Djokovic.

She had recently contracted Covid and so was initially allowed to enter the country. However, her visa was canceled and she was deported.

She has said she hopes Djokovic does not have the same fate, saying, “I hope he plays. Because that’s what we went for: to play tennis and not be part of any indoor games.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 11:05


Morrison receives criticism for Djokovic’s situation

Former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has targeted current leader Scott Morrison for the way Djokovic’s situation has been handled.

the world does not. 1 was initially granted medical exemption to enter the country as he tested positive on December 16. However, upon his arrival his visa was canceled and he was held in a hotel until his appeal. Djokovic won the appeal to remain in Australia but could be deported in the coming days.

Rudd tweeted: “Does Morrison have any idea why he’s incompetent #Djokovic Have you done to brand Australia in the eyes of the world? He aims as a clever political distraction from his outright neglect of hospitals, boosters, children’s vaccines and rapid tests. Instead, it was blown up in the face.”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 10:55


Djokovic has the number one seed at the Australian Open

After winning the appeal on Monday, Djokovic is set to compete in the Australian Open and has been named the top seed for the men’s competition.

the world does not. No. 1 is still waiting for Immigration Secretary Alex Hawk to decide whether to revoke his visa, but for now, the star is set to participate.

While Djokovic holds the men’s top seed, Ashleigh Barty secured it after winning the Adelaide International earlier this month.

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 10:45


Djokovic’s treatment ‘not a terrible insult’

Comedian David Badel tweeted about Djokovic and the situation that has developed over the past few days. The world has suggested no. 1’s treatment of 1 at Melbourne Airport was not a “terrible insult” to the Serbs, but merely treated by border forces as he does to other unprotected travelers.

Djokovic’s father, Sardin, had suggested at their press conference on Monday that his son had been treated harshly because he came from a “small and poor country”.

Sardan said, “Obviously, the fact that he came from a small and poor country was not a big thing, he loved strong people. They believed that they had powers from God that this world was their world, and it is impossible for a young man from a small poor country to be the best in their sport “.

But Padel believes he was not treated harshly, tweeting: “Is it possible that the Australian Border Force’s decision not to let Djokovic in immediately was not, in fact, a horrific insult to Serbia and Serbs everywhere, but just that they enforce the same regulations that they would to any traveller? Another unvaccinated?”

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 10:36


Djokovic still faces deportation

Djokovic may have won his appeal to remain in Australia on Monday but Immigration Minister Alex Hawke still has the ability to deport the star if he so desires.

The government minister is believed to make his decision on Wednesday before the Australian Open, which begins on January 17.

But why can he still be deported? This piece explains it all:

Sarah RendellJan 11 2022 10:20

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