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Digital Marketing Trends 2021 – Mid-Year Report [Infographic]

Digital Marketing Trends 2021 – Mid-Year Report [Infographic]
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Many companies around the world have been optimistic about the first half of 2021, with the acceleration of the release of COVID-19 vaccines by governments. These efforts were seen as key to boosting herd immunity against the dreaded disease to speed up the resumption of normal economic activities.

However, the emergence of new types of novel coronavirus is another challenge across countries. Businesses once again face the responsibility of adapting to these changes, and of making sure they can operate safely while making enough profit to keep their company afloat.

Additionally, as the global health crisis of COVID-19 continues, the demand for remote services continues to rise. In the past year, consumers have relied on e-commerce sites to purchase the goods and services they need. As a result, companies have shifted their marketing efforts to internet maximization in introducing customers to their brand. Many marketing strategies in the pre-pandemic era may not be effective in the new normal.

These digital marketing trends include leveraging platforms like Google My Business and supporting search engine optimization or SEO efforts. Visual elements such as images and videos as part of online marketing campaigns are also increasing in popularity due to their attractiveness to users. Many customers prefer videos because they eliminate the need to read long texts.

Moreover, since customer experience is one of the top priorities in many business operations, there is an expected increase in adoption of Chatbots to provide 24/7 customer service. More and more consumers are leaning towards this artificial intelligence (AI) based technology because it is more convenient and hassle free than waiting for live agents to answer queries.

It is very likely that digital marketing trends will continue to exist even in the post-pandemic period. Ideally, businesses should adopt these online marketing tactics to attract customers and generate revenue.

For more information on digital marketing trends in 2021, here is an infographic from Digital Marketing Trends 2021.

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