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Digital marketing has to be part of the brand creation process in 2021

Digital marketing has to be part of the brand creation process in 2021
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Digital is no longer just an afterthought — it’s where the majority of consumers interact with a brand for the first time, says Julaine Speight, director of First Internet.

When it comes to branding, your website and online presence should be front and center when making decisions.

The brand of the company is very important. It is the business philosophy, culture, ethos, products, team, customer service and reputation of the company.

The logo, colors, fonts, and design details are the visual representation of that brand. They need to work together to capture the customer’s attention, generate appreciation, and develop loyalty.

Getting it right is vital

So naturally, creating a brand often involves a lot of people. It’s a great process and not something that can be done in a short amount of time. It is hoped that the brand and its visual offerings have been with a company for some time, in various forms, so it is important to get it right. The problem with a lot of the people involved though, is muddy water – and they aren’t always the right people.

Sometimes we marketers tend to get a little carried away on the creative side of things. Most people do not work in marketing. They may not appreciate the time it takes to decide on the background, the choice of colors, the font, or the symbolic way the logo rises above the point on the i.

Instead of being preoccupied with design, perhaps the primary focus of any brand should be the audience. It is probably best to keep it simple and focus on what the brand really needs to achieve.

It should be memorable and work across a range of channels. According to Forbes, consistently delivering a brand across all platforms can increase revenue by up to 23%. If your product packaging, social media posts, website, and promotional materials send a unified message about your brand identity and core values, they are likely to be the best things for your business. See amazon. Their logo is rarely Van Gogh, and their homepage isn’t “pretty” at all – but it definitely works.

Digital: the first port of call

It’s 2021. We live in a digital age. Most people interact with brands online, through websites and social media. So the brand has to work online – and you need to guide the audience to take the required action. Features like white space, above-the-fold calls to action, prominent shopping carts or logins are where the focus of website design really should be.

It takes 50 milliseconds for someone to form an opinion about a company based on its online presence. Branding can look great, convey spirit, tell a story and make a four-course meal – but if your calls to action are missing, whether it’s an easy-to-find call or “add to cart” button, the story becomes irrelevant .

The role of your website is, quite simply, to drive inquiries or sales. It is a working tool. And if the calls to action are missing in favor of “clean design” or the like, they don’t work as one, because you are actively standing in the way of the user journey.

This is why brand creation meetings should include the digital marketing team. A website cannot and should not be an afterthought: it is a very important part of a business process.

The brand creation meeting should include the customer, the brand designer, the technical developer, the user experience specialist, and the digital marketing specialist. No doubt this design will be used across many other applications as well, but neither a bulletin board, newsletter or part of copywriting will be stopped by these branding decisions. site will.

Interagency meetings can be great creative sessions – as long as everyone remembers the end goal. This can’t be a flight of vanity. The website should look good, satisfy the customer, and convey the business message, but it should also influence the bottom line by being functional and focusing on sales or inquiry.

Style more than function is meaningless. The brand has to work for your business – otherwise it’s just a pretty picture.

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